5 Eco Gadgets to Green Your Office #FiveonFriday

I am married to a geek, which means that we have more electronics around than the average person. I know – doesn’t that mean we have electronic things sucking electricity for no good reason? There are ways to be more eco friendly while still embracing a geek lifestyle. and with some new and interesting eco-tech coming out this year, it’s just going to get easier.

eco gadgets to green your office fiveonfriday juicygreenmom

Here are 5 eco gadgets to green your office space.

1 – Solar Keyboard

A solar-powered keyboard is an awesome way to save energy, plus if you’re a fan of a wireless keyboard, you’ll never have to worry about running out of batteries.

2 – USB Cell Battery

How cool is this? A rechargeable battery that you recharge by plugging into a USB port. Then functions like a regular AA battery! Imagine saving thousands of disposable batteries from leaking their toxic runoff into the earth.

3 – Passive Portable Amplifier

This is made from bamboo and requires no battery power to amplify your phone’s music or podcasts. Cool, right?

4 – Recycled Elephant Speaker

Made from recycled cardboard, and so cute!

5 – Flameless Cooking System


This would be perfect for bringing to work so you don’t need to depend on a microwave to heat up your lunch!

This post has some great suggestions for eco-friendly travel gadgets.

What kind of eco gadgets to you use?


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