5 Essential Oils for Healthy Skin

Even in my mid-30s I’m still battling acne, especially around times of hormonal changes… So I was really excited to find out about some specific essential oils for supporting healthy skin that I had not known about. Speaking of oils, something else I would like to give a favourable mention to is cbda oil online, as this is said to have benefits to your skin, especially if you are acne-prone like myself. Skincare is hit or miss, but you never know if you don’t give it a go. Having said this, on the occassions where skincare is a miss instead of a hit, you may want to explore other options that don’t involve oils or applying creams to the face. Such options include marijuana, as there is extensive evidence that suggests the plant is effective at clearing acne. You can perhaps look more into this death bubba allbud strain if you want to reap the benefits of cannabis on your skin. With that said, if CBD oil is something you’re more interested in and you’re sure where to start, checking out sites such as https://cbdbro.ch could be a good place to begin.

Here are 5 essential oils for healthy skin!

5 essential oils for healthy skin juicygreenmom.ca

1 – Cedarwood

I’ve always loved Cedarwood for the way it helps me feel calm and serene. I had no idea you could use it for skincare!

2 – Helichrysum

This is a pricier oil because of the material it comes from – flowering tops in Eastern Europe. The flowers must be picked at just the right time to produce the best essential oil, hence it is much more labour intensive to harvest than other oils made from flowers. I have heard amazing things about it for healthy skin!

3 – Lime

I LOVE lime – I think it’s my favourite citrus oil. It is so uplifting. I also had no clue it could be used for supporting healthy skin. It’s also apparently used to assist the relief of joint or muscle pain associated with sprains, strains and rheumatoid arthritis. What a versatile oil!

4 – Thyme

Thyme is one essential oil that I haven’t used much, but it sounds like I should use it more! I did not know that it could help reduce the symptoms of acne! It can also relieve other minor skin irritations like cuts, bruises, and burns, among other things.

5 – Tea Tree

This is probably the most popularly known essential oil for skin – so much so that you can get it practically anywhere. Caveat though – make sure you get good quality tea tree essential oil and don’t fall for a cheap version that may be adulterated. When you’re using it on your face, you don’t want to get a nasty skin reaction. Side note – tea tree oil can also help reduce symptoms of a cold or cough!

There are definitely a few on this list that I will be trying out for the first time for acne! Do you want to give them a try? Here is where I get my essential oils for 24% off retail price!

And here’s another great resource on dealing with acne from Thank Your Skin.

What is your favourite essential oil for healthy skin?

(Note: Young Living’s Cedarwood, Helichrysum, Lime, and Thyme have been confirmed to reduce the symptoms of acne according to Health Canada. All 5 essential oils described in this post from Young Living have been approved in Canada as Natural Health Products. For those in the USA, please refer to guidelines from the US Food and Drug Administration.)

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