Awesome Mason Jar Lids from Greenmunch

awesome mason jar lids from greenmunch juicygreenmom
Awesome Mason Jar Lids from Greenmunch

I love mason jars. I love that they are super inexpensive, as I often find them at thrift stores, they’re easy to clean, and can be used for virtually everything. And I especially love that they are nontoxic for food storage.

I reviewed some mason jar accessories from Greenmunch in the past that could turn your mason jars into cool drinking containers. Now you can transform your mason jars into useful containers for everything with so many kinds of mason jar lids!

mason jar shaker lid accessoriesThe reCAP flip lid accessories are so cool! The set comes with two screen attachments so that you can use it for fine or coarse items, like spices, parmesan cheese, pepper flakes, you name it! You can easily turn your mason jar into a handy shaker! It also comes with a counter ring so that you can date or track contents. These accessories are used in conjunction with the reCAP Flip Lid which comes in a wide range of colours so you can colour code your stuff and make it fun-looking! A gift of these 2 products would be perfect for any mason jar lover!

bnto mason jar insertThe Cuppow BNTO mason jar lunchbox adaptors are perfect for turning your mason jar into a portable lunch container! They come in a variety of fun colours, so you can store dips, dressings, toppings, etc, separately from the rest of the contents of the jar. I love that they are made from BPA/BPS-free rigid plastic too, so I’m not worried about leaching chemicals.

mason tap greenmunch juicygreenmomW&P Design’s Mason Jar Stainless Steel Pour Spout means that you can add this to a regular mouth mason jar and pour from it easily! Use it for your homemade salad dressing, infused oils or water, or any liquid you want. Super classy looking and functional.

metal mason jar lids with straw hole greenmunchFor a super easy way to turn you regular mouth mason jar into a drinking vessel, choose a pretty coloured metal lid with a straw hole! They come in many colours, and can fit the beautiful printed paper straws Greenmunch has, as well as reusable stainless steel straws or reusable plastic straws. These would be awesome for a party! (They also have super cute daisy lids that I used for my daughter’s birthday party.)

ecojarz stainless steel lid with stainless steel straw on 8oz square mason jarIf you prefer stainless steel or silicone lids, Greenmunch also carries a variety of lids from EcoJarz, who I’ve reviewed before and really like!

ecojarz pop top silicone and stainless steel greenmunchEcoJarz also has a cool stainless steel mason jar lid with a pop top silicone seal, so you can actually have a spill-proof drink container! Cool!

plastic mason jar lids greenmunchI use mason jars for storing dry foods in my pantry, like dried fruit, chia seeds, oatmeal, nuts, flours, you name it! These plastic lids are super economical and makes it easier when you want to grab something quickly but also want a good seal. These lids are also great for storing food in the fridge and freezer!

mason jar pump dispenser lidIn my kitchen, I have the reCAP Adapta Cap mason jar pump dispenser for liquid soap (it’s actually Young Living Thieves Cleaner diluted to use as a fruit and veggie wash). It’s so easy to use and very convenient to have at the sink. If you want to turn your mason jar into a spray bottle instead, you can also get a mason jar sprayer cap! How cool is that??

mason shaker stainless steelThe Mason Shaker from W&P Design would make such an awesome gift! It is a sleek and simple four-piece cocktail shaker that is so elegant. I’m imagining it as the perfect hostess gift for those holiday parties.

There are SO MANY ways you can repurpose mason jars and avoid gross chemicals leaching into your food and drink from plastic!

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What mason jar lids are your favourites?

awesome mason jar lids greenmunch juicygreenmom

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Greenmunch. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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