Best Natural Facial Sunscreens

Best Natural Non Toxic Facial Sunscreen
Best Natural Facial Sunscreens

I’ve posted about what natural sunscreens are my favourites, but those are more general ones for kids and for your body. What about facial sunscreens? The problem with natural sunscreens is that they tend to be thicker to apply, and of course have that white tint because of the zinc oxide. Not really ideal if you are wanting to apply makeup over your sunscreen. I can definitely agree that thicker stuff on my face when I’m not is just not cool. Especially when I start sweating and all the white stuff starts smearing everywhere. You get the picture. So – I set out to look for the best natural facial sunscreens and I believe I have 2 winners!

DeVita Solar Body Block/Moisturizer

I read about DeVita Solar Body Block/Moisturizer (SPF 30) through Adria Vasil’s Ecoholic column. When I read her rave review, I knew I had to try it! It is from the US and difficult to find in Canada. It is available online through Essential Day Spa ($39CAN). I purchased it through Essential Day Spa and was impressed that they have flat rate shipping of $5 for orders under $200. (Update July 25, 2016 – I was excited to see that this is now available on with a range of prices for about $28-30CAN! Woohoo!)

I love this sunscreen. It’s the only one I’ve tried that actually doesn’t go on all white. It’s very minimally white when you first put it on, and doesn’t need much rubbing in for the whiteness to go away. It’s very lightweight and matte so it is extremely easy to apply makeup right after you put it on. I do not feel it on my face after I put it on. I love that! Also, pretty much scent-free. The only teeny tiny thing I noticed (and it is an extremely small thing) is that if I don’t shake and knead the tube before I squeeze it out, I sometimes get some dry white powdery stuff when I’m trying to rub it in. So I would just make sure to shake and knead it – because as with many natural products – it is likely prone to some separation.


Juice Beauty Tinted Mineral Moisturizer – Sheer

You can get the Juice Beauty Tinted Mineral Moisturizer – Sheer (SPF 30) from ($37.70CAN). If you’re looking for a tinted moisturizer – there are several different shades to choose from in addition to the sheer one I tried. You can order through juicy beauty online as well ($29.00USD) – if you’re in the US, they offer free shipping for orders of $50 or more. In Canada, shipping from the .com site is $18.

I also love this sunscreen! It is just slightly heavier than the DeVita one, but feels a bit more moisturizing. It goes on a bit whiter as well, but again the whiteness goes away easily once you rub it in. I also do not feel this on my face after I put it on – again, easy to apply makeup right away. No dry white powdery stuff with this one, perhaps because it is a bit more like a lotion. It states on the bottle to vigorously shake and knead the tube every time to avoid the separation issue. This one has a stronger scent to it (I smell the aloe primarily), so that might be something to consider if you’re super sensitive to smells.


I really liked both these sunscreens. The only other thing to point out is that the DeVita one is in a larger tube than the Juice Beauty one. They are priced about the same, so you do get more bang for your buck with the DeVita product. Overall, though, I think these 2 sunscreens perform equally well as facial sunscreens.

What natural facial sunscreen do you love?


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