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women writingAs a child, I always aspired to be a writer. I devoured books and wanted to be able to convey my thoughts and ideas to people through the written word. I loved to write and participated in many poetry contests and publications through elementary and junior high school. I remember one of my shining moments was when I won a short story contest in junior high, and got a special award dinner and a family trip to the see the circus. In high school, English was my most-loved subject, and I focused my International Baccalaureate Essay on themes in novels by Amy Tan. While working on my undergraduate degree in university, I loved my English and Religion classes where essay-writing was the focus. I seriously considered pursuing graduate studies in either of those areas – because I loved being able to write, edit, and piece together a well-polished piece of work. I ended up doing a masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology, and I had the opportunity to learn about research and scientific writing. I discovered that my love for writing surpassed subject matter – I loved writing my very technical scientific thesis just as much as I had loved writing essays about novels, poems, or religious works. I ended up working in the research world for several years after finishing school, and honed my scientific manuscript writing skills. Then I had my baby girl, which led me to start my blog. I am lucky that I love writing so much because I know some people just can’t stand it and find it hard to get into the swing of things. This is particularly noticeable in essay writing. Luckily, there are many websites out there who can help you with writing, and if I needed any assistance, sites such as College Paper World could write an essay for me.

I believe that the written word has tremendous worth. I believe that as a woman and a mother, I have the responsibility and privilege to share my knowledge and experiences in the larger community – to encourage, educate, and inspire. Kirsten at Cheerfully Imperfect asked me to participate in this Blog Hop for women writing, which features new women writers every week answering the same questions about writing. A very cool idea, that I’m excited to be part of, and will continue passing it on to women writers that I enjoy and admire.

What am I working on/writing?

juicy green mom is now the source of most of my attention for writing. I am also working on my first ebook which I hope will be a resource for Canadians on living green. Music is my other great love, and though I am certainly not as prolific a songwriter as I was before I had my daughter, that is always ongoing.

How does my work differ from other writers in my genre?

Many of the healthy green living writers out there are women and mothers as well, and I believe we all have a powerful voice together. I would like to think that we all complement each other and contribute to a community of sharing knowledge, experiences, and expertise. I like to focus my work on finding the best green products, researching environmental and health issues, and talking about the challenges and joys of parenting. I like to think that the balance of these 3 areas make my blog unique.

Why do I write what I do?

I started my blog because I felt as though I was spending massive amounts of time researching what to buy and what to use that would be green, non-toxic, and healthy for my home and family. I figured that because I was spending so much time on it, perhaps I could share what I found with like-minded people. Then it turned out that there is a wonderful blogging community out there – and being part of it is very rewarding. My primary reason for writing what I do is to share what I’ve learned, and seek out knowledge and advice from others.

How does my writing process work?

For me, blogging is much less structured than the essays and scientific manuscripts I used to write. It tends to be quite stream-of-consciousness at first, which I will go back and edit afterwards. I keep a running list of topics on my phone as I think of them, to help me plan my posts.


Next week’s blog hoppers:

JR-Cropped3Johanne from is a self-employed graphic designer living in Southern California. She began blogging after experiencing several miscarriages in a row, and all this after losing her son, due to HELLP Syndrome and severe prematurity in 2010. She began blogging to share her story about Recurrent Pregnancy and Infant Loss and wanted to create a community of hope for other angel parents out there.

kayla-dickensKayla Dickens of 2MomsNaturalSkinCare is a lover of nature and animals. A mother to her two wonderful ten month old twins. She has always had a love for skin care and makeup and really discovered her passion for natural and organic products when she became pregnant and learned all about what is really in everyday skin products. Being a stay at home mom she has plenty of time to dream up and try out DIY recipes and blog about them and other topics that interest her like food, kids, and natural health.

I look forward to reading what these amazing women write next week!

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  1. I wish I loved writing as much as you! Although I generally got good grades on my writing in school it was always a struggle. It’s inspirational to hear from someone who just loves the process.

    I’m looking forward to your book 🙂

  2. I finally posted my blog hop post 🙂 Sorry for taking so long! Thanks again for inviting me to participate! It was a lot of fun to think about why I write and why I began blogging, and what a great way to connect women writers! Thanks hon!

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