Celebrate Earth Day with my FREE eBook: Detox Your Home & DIY Guide

Happy Happy Earth Day!

I want to celebrate Earth Day with you by giving you a free copy of my eBook Detox Your Home & DIY Guide! I first released it in November 2015, but have updated it and added more recipes (hurrah!).

celebrate earth day with my free ebook detox your home & diy guide juicygreenmom

This little book summarizes a lot of what I’ve learned over the course of my green journey. It covers tips on how to detox your home with personal care products, cleaning products, and also topics such as bedroom furniture and linens, laundry, and baby products. I have also included DIY recipes for all the things I make for my family. These are tested recipes that I make all the time (and remember, I only like super simple DIYs, so if I can do them, anyone can!).

I hope you find some nuggets of inspiration to help you on your own green journey!

Get my eBook free until April 24, 2017!

How are you celebrating Earth Day?

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