Green & Healthy Cereals & Snacks for Kids

Green & Healthy Cereals & Snacks for Kids
Green & Healthy Cereals & Snacks for Kids

In our world of convenience and being on the run, it’s hard to find non-toxic and healthy cereals and snacks for young kids. Grocery aisles are littered with products full of artificial flavours and colours, and nasty chemicals. Here are a few I’ve come across including the best travel snacks that meet my standards for green and healthy.

Earth’s Best organic has partnered with Sesame Street to make awesome cereals and snacks for kids. I love that there are no artificial flavours, colors, or preservatives, and they use organic evaporated cane juice as a sweetener instead of white sugar. Some of our favorites are the Crunchin’ Crackers (featuring Elmo & Big Bird head shaped crackers), and Letter of the Day Cookies (square cookies with big letters on them, oatmeal cinnamon or vanilla).

Earth’s Best also makes my favourite disposable diaper, along with many other baby & kid products.

Another brand with a variety of crackers is Annie’s. Although not 100% organic, they use non-GMO ingredients, and no artificial flavours or colours. The Cheddar Bunnies are our favourites, but we also like the Bunny Grahams, and Fruit Snacks (read my review on these here). You may also see different kinds of Annie’s mac & cheese in these stores, a great alternative to Kraft Dinner. (Update: November 14, 2014: Annie’s has now been bought out by General Mills. There is a lot of debate over whether Annie’s will maintain its non-GMO ways, as General Mills is known to support campaigns against GMO labeling.)

Late July snacks are all organic non-GMO snacks. They carry some great ritz-type crackers, cheese crackers, and my daughter’s favourite: peanut butter sandwich crackers (pictured below). Yum! Late July also makes some delicious gluten-free chips (a hit for adults and kids alike!)
Late July Organic Peanut Butter Mini Sandwich Crackers
For cereal, my absolute favourite brand is Nature’s Path. They are all organic, vegetarian, and non-GMO. They have a huge line of cereals (hot and cold), granolas, cereal bars, and even waffles. One of my daughter’s favourite cereals is the Whole O’s. She also really loves their ENVIROKIDZ line with awesome animals on the boxes.

Every product I’ve tried from this brand I have loved. Plus it is getting to be pretty mainstream, available at pretty much any grocery or drug store you’d go to, as well as the organic markets. Why get regular old cereal when you can get the organic version? They have several gluten-free options too!

(Update March 29, 2013) For the Gluten-Free crowd: A friend got me started on Suzie’s Thin Cakes (I often find them at Costco) as a nice alternative to the regular circular rice cakes. My daughter likes these as well, especially for sandwiches because she’s not a fan of regular bread.

What are your favourite organic or natural snacks and cereals?


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