DIY-face-care-juicygreenmomI now have a complete non toxic face care system that I love, and it’s under $30. Seriously. And these DIYs don’t even require melting anything, you just dump stuff into a bottle and shake. I. AM. IN. LOVE. Okay. Here are the details:

DIY Face Wash

This DIY face wash from Overthrow Martha was the first one I tried making, and I LOVED it. I tweaked it a bit to make a smaller batch at once because I find I don’t go through it very fast, and with the rose water base, it doesn’t have a super long shelf life. I also played around with the measurements and find that I like this combination the best. Here’s my mix in a guest post on the DIY Mommy.

DIY Toner

I make this super-easy toner with just 2 ingredients and also have a spray bottle I carry in my purse to use as a face refresher during the day.

DIY Face Moisturizer

This Homemade Beautifying Rosehips Moisturizer from Overthrow Martha is something I felt unsure about at first, because it’s a facial oil (and I like putting lotion on my face) – but now I’m in love. It feels so smooth and soft and I definitely notice a difference in my skin tone.

And now for the cost breakdown (in Canadian dollars):

Product Amount Cost Amount for recipe Cost for recipe
DIY Face Wash
Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerine 473 ml $12.29 2.50 $0.06
Homeocan Essencia Pure Rose Floral Water 180 ml $14.99 79.00 $6.58
Dr Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Liquid Soap 946 ml $22.99 37.00 $0.90
Sweet Almond Oil 473 ml $13.79 2.50 $0.07
Lavender essential oil (wholesale) 15 ml $27.00 0.25 $0.45
Melrose essential oil (wholesale-17.75USD) 15 ml $22.19 0.25 $0.37
Elemi essential oil (wholesale-21.25USD) 15 ml $26.56 0.15 $0.27
TOTAL $8.70
DIY Toner
Thayers Alcohol-free Unscented Witch Hazel Toner 355 ml $13.29 30.00 $1.12
Melrose essential oil (wholesale-17.75USD) 15 ml $22.19 0.50 $0.74
TOTAL $1.86
DIY Face Moisturizer
Now Solutions Jojoba Oil 118 ml $16.99 30.00 $4.32
Rosehip Oil 30 ml $11.29 30.00 $11.29
Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerine 473 ml $12.29 1.25 $0.03
Lavender essential oil (wholesale) 15 ml $27.00 0.25 $0.45
Frankincense essential oil (wholesale) 15 ml $82.00 0.25 $1.37
TOTAL $17.46

*wholesale prices refer to prices available to Young Living wholesale members. Find out how you can get 24% off retail prices here.

Is that fabulous or what??

Of course the best part of DIY-ing your own face care products (apart from how FRUGAL it is) – is that you can customize it to how your skin is. There are many essential oils that are wonderful for skin care, so you can test them out and switch out ones that aren’t working for you. (Note: When using essential oils for face care, you want to make sure you are using truly pure, top quality oils intended for therapeutic use. Lower quality oils that may be adulterated or cut with other ingredients can cause bad skin reactions. This is the reason I stick primarily with this brand!)

Will you try to DIY your own face care products?


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