DIYtoner-refresher-juicygreenmomI have to be honest, I stopped using toner when I had a baby – out of sheer laziness. When I started learning about essential oils that could benefit my skin, I decided to revamp start my facial skincare routine which, at this point, consisted of a good neck cream and a monthly face mask. I have found a DIY face wash I love by Sherri from Overthrow Martha, so I decided to make my own easy DIY face toner to complement it.

What you need:

I used a 4ml glass vial, filled it with the witch hazel, then added 1-2 drops of Melrose essential oil. If you’re using a 2 oz bottle (60 ml), I would add 10-15 drops of essential oil. Shake it well before each use so the oil is dispersed. You can use any essential oil of your choice – my favourites for skin care are Melrose, Lavender, and Frankincense.

I have been using this after washing my face, as well as during the day when I’m feeling I need some refreshing. My skin tends to get oily when I’m at work, where the air seems more dry, so a few spritzes of this makes it feel much better. Also, in combination with the face wash, it cleared up a rash I had in just a few days (woohoo!).

This is my full DIY Face Care system for under $30.

So easy, right? What do you use as a face toner or refresher?


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