I came across a pamphlet about H&M’s Conscious collection for kids and was very pleasantly surprised. I’ve shopped at H&M before and have always liked getting kids stuff there because it’s super cute and usually reasonably priced. But the Conscious collection kicks it up several notches. Lots of organic cotton and recycled materials – and the prices are still extremely reasonable! I stopped by the West Edmonton Mall location and got a set of 2 girls’ tees for $12.95 – made of 100% organic cotton. Doesn’t get much better than that!

EcoBravo posted about the Conscious Collection as well – with some pretty impressive facts about H&M sustainable clothing initiatives. Largest user of organic cotton in the world? Tons of recycled polyester from pop bottles? Water-saving production techniques? I had no idea!

And then! I discovered that H&M is going one step further by doing garment-collecting through their Long Live Fashion campaign. You got it – they are collecting used clothing and actually doing something with it! This sounds amazing to me because you always hear about how the clothes you donate to Goodwill or Salvation Army just end up getting chucked into the landfills because they won’t sell in second hand stores. Find out what they plan to do with all the clothes they collect here. You can bring in a maximum of 2 shopping bags of used clothes per day to an H&M store (apparently in Canada, you can do this at any location), and get a voucher for $5 off a purchase of $30 for each bag you bring in. How cool is that?

H&M is now one of my favourites for eco-conscious clothes-shopping!

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