Five on Friday – DIY Gift Ideas #FiveonFriday

Sometimes thinking of what to give as gifts can be overwhelming – and also expensive. I love to DIY my own gifts when I can, to infuse them with my own creative flair. I personally love receiving handmade gifts because it means that the person giving it took some time and effort to make it!

Five on Friday: DIY Gift Ideas

1 – DIY Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make (buzzfeed)

Some of the ideas on this list are really creative and I haven’t seen anything like them before! Super fun and awesome to make for the special people in your lives. (Also I think some would be fun for adults to make too!)

2 -Make DIY SnowGlobes (The DIY Mommy)

Typically I’m not a fan of glitter, but I love how easy this craft is, and that you can re-use jars and old toys or figurines for it! And the glitter is contained to make it magical!

3 – Super Easy DIY Bath Salts & Sugar Scrubs (Juicy Green Mom)

I love making these for people because they are so so easy, and anyone and everyone can use them! Other nice DIY body care gifts: dry skin relief cream, or moisturizing lip balm!

4 – 50+ Handmade Green Gift Ideas (Totally Green Crafts)

This round-up of ideas has awesome ways you can reuse and repurpose all kinds of things into beautiful gifts, like beads, storage baskets and boxes, jewelry, accessories – a huge variety! You’re sure to find something cool here.

5 – 101 Green Handmade Gift Tutorials (Everything Etsy)

If the last round-up didn’t cut it for you – then THIS one will! I never realized there were so many things you could do with old t-shirts! And they look amazing!


What are your favourite DIY gift ideas?

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