eco jarz review

EcoJarz: canning jar drink tops

Canning jars in general have recently been making a big comeback – people are using them for all kinds of things other than canning. One such use, of course, is as a drinking glass, and EcoJarz provides some great ways to convert your canning jars into hip and happening drink holders. The EcoJarz motto is No BPA, Phthalates or Chemical Leach, so all of their drinktops are stainless steel or silicone.

I had the opportunity to try out both the stainless steel drinktop and the silicone drinktop,
which are both available for small mouth and wide mouth jars. I found both to be very easy to use, and sit nice and snug with a jar band over top. The only real difference between the 2 is preference, in terms of function. The one extra thing about the stainless steel drinktop is that it has a little silicone ring that goes around its edge to provide a nice tight seal between jar and jar band, so it has an extra part when compared to the purely silicone drinktops.

EcoJarz carries nice stainless steel straws with a little bend in them that fit nicely in the hole on both drinktops. These straws are shiny, smooth and well-made! The straw cleaner you can get with it is perfect and cleans well even with the bent stainless steel straw.

If you’re not a fan of stainless steel straws (I myself prefer glass straws because I like SEEING my drink go up the straw!), EcoJarz now also carries glass straws that fit with all of their drinktops. (I have a glass straw from somewhere else that was too fat for the hole on the EcoJarz drinktops, so I’m happy to see that they offer glass straws that DO fit!)

They also have a cute stainless steel tea infuser basket that can latch onto their drinktop so you won’t lose it in your jar. Hot drinks and cold drinks in your canning jars – sweet!

And now – GIVEAWAY TIME! I am so excited that EcoJarz is providing 3 prize packages for 3 lucky winners of this giveaway!! Each winner will receive:

  • One Tea Infuser
  • One Stainless Steel Straw with Cleaner
  • One Silicone Small Mouth Lid
  • One Stainless Small Mouth Lid
  • One Silicone Wide Mouth Lid
  • One Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Lid

You’ll be totally set for your whole family to enjoy EcoJarz! Giveaway open to residents of Canada and the USA.


I hope this EcoJarz review helps you decide if you want to give them a try!


(Disclosure: provided me with a sample of their products to write this review. No other compensation was received, and the opinions in this review are entirely my own.)