GREEN DEAL ALERT: Costco 2-set Original GreenPan for 39.99

green pan non toxic healthy ceramic at Costco

I saw these at the Edmonton South location of Costco today and had to snatch a box for myself. I have a wok made with the ceramic non-stick coating and quite like it. No, it’s not as super non-stick as the Teflon stuff, but it won’t cause my family to develop cancer or other scary health ailments that Teflon is known to cause! (Read more about choosing healthy cookware here.) I’ve seen these pans to be upwards of $40-50 each, so 2 Original GreenPans for $39.99 is a pretty awesome steal.

If they’re not at your Costco, you can also get them on Amazon:

Update (January 1, 2015): I have now been using these pans for 1 year and love them! They are definitely the best ceramic non-stick pans I have tried. You will still need to use a generous amount of coconut oil or butter to cook eggs and have them not stick to the pan, but I’m a believer that these are good fats for our bodies anyway. Trying to cook eggs on my other 2 ceramic pans from different brands is pretty disastrous, even when using lots of oil. So these are a great deal and a great buy!

Have you tried the Original GreenPan?


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5 thoughts on “GREEN DEAL ALERT: Costco 2-set Original GreenPan for 39.99”

  1. Bought the 2 pan set at Costco they are the worst frying pans I have ever used !!!! Everything sticks in the pan and are very hard to clean. If I had the box I would take them back. VERY DISAPPOINTED …….

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you’re not liking them, John! Have you used typical non-stick pans in the past? The GreenPans are definitely not as “non-stick” as the teflon-coated stuff – however I find that if I use a generous amount of oil, I don’t get any sticking. I do find they have more “non-stick” power than stainless steel pans.

    2. I agree, the whole point of non-stick is to cook without a generous amount of any kind of oil. Simply the worst for clean up and they are going back to Costco even though we don’t have the box.

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