Happy Green Halloween!


Halloween is a difficult holiday for anyone trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Going door-to-door to get bucketfulls of candy containing high-fructose corn syrup, artificial dyes, toxic chemical preservatives, and generally bad-for-you ingredients can be very detrimental to a healthy and green lifestyle. Not only are the ingredients scary in Halloween treats, but the excessive packaging waste is frightening as well. So what can you do to have a healthier Halloween?

GreenHalloween.org is a great site with lots of resources and tips for a healthier and greener Halloween. What to hand out?

When considering what to hand out instead of the traditional candy and chocolate bars, think outside the box. Things like small packets of crackers, granola bars, fair-trade chocolate and snacks made with organic ingredients are good alternatives. If you’re willing to get away from edible treats entirely, the possibilities are endless! Consider giving out fun band-aids, Playdoh, stickers, cookie cutters, game cards, temporary tattoos, or things from nature like acorns, pinecones, or shells.

What about Halloween costumes?

Consider how many costumes are purchased or made from scratch, worn once, maybe twice if passed along to a friend or sibling, and then thrown away. These fill up our landfills needlessly! Try going to a thrift store to buy second-hand costumes, since they are usually in great shape after only being worn a handful of times. Join a local swap page to trade costumes, buy from someone else, or sell your own old costumes.

There are lots of other green and health-conscious blogs out there with great ideas for how to green up your Halloween. Check out my post on what I will be giving out on Halloween. Working Mom Goes Green has a roundup of several other bloggers with healthy Halloween candy options.

If we all decide to make Halloween a healthier and greener holiday, it will be better for our kids and for our environment.

What will you do to contribute to a Green Halloween?


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