Healthy & Green Halloween Ideas

healthy and green halloween ideas

Since I had my daughter, I’ve been having a hard time with what to do at Halloween. I am usually pretty picky about what she eats, so it would make sense for me to do the same at Halloween, and not expose her to the gross artificial dyes, high-fructose corn syrup and overabundance of sugar. And then of course there’s the ridiculous amount of garbage generated from all the snack size individual packages of treats, and disposable decorations. 

There are actually lots of resources online for ideas on how to make your Halloween healthy and green!

See my resources list below for some links I’ve found helpful.

Here’s what I am going to be handing out instead of traditional candy:

1. mini sticker boxes or sticker sheets (sticker boxes found at Dollar Tree in Edmonton – pack of 18 for $1, sticker sheets found at Dollarama – pack of 10 for $1)

2. small bags of crayons (I got a large box of crayons then made simple envelopes out of brown paper bags to eliminate the use of plastic)

3. small bags of beads

4. Annie’s individually packaged bunny snacks (one of my favourite things to get from Costco)

5. Annie’s fruit snacks (see my comparison of these vs Gerber’s graduates here)

6. unopened toys from kids meals (I know, I know, why on earth would I let my kid eat at McDonald’s or other fast food joints? That’s fodder for another post. In brief, it doesn’t happen often. However, I can re-use the toys for something else, being green AND frugal.)

Want more green Halloween ideas? Check out my round-up here.

Even if you are going with treats with organic ingredients – candy is still candy! So moderation is definitely the key! 🙂

What healthy & green ideas do you have for Halloween this year?


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