How to Reduce Your Bottled Water Footprint INFOGRAPHIC

Bottled water is very prevalent, and I am guilty of buying a bottle¬†every so often when I forget to bring a reusable one with me. I do make sure that I recycle my bottles when I’m done with them, though, which is a very important part of reducing your bottled water footprint.

This infographic from Wheels for Wishes covers what you need to know about bottled water, what kind of water you’re really drinking, and what actually happens to the bottles after they’re done.
Reduce Your Water Footprint by Wheels For Wishes

A reusable water bottle is definitely one of the best investments you can make for your own wallet and the environment. Just make sure you go for stainless steel (I love Klean Kanteen) or glass (I like Life Factory) so that you’re not getting any leaching of chemicals into your water from plastic (read more about plastic codes here.)

How can you reduce your bottled water footprint?

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