A poignant, beautifully illustrated picture book about grief and loss, with a promise that everyone has a purpose.

We completed a successful Kickstarter campaign on April 20, 2019, and are in the process of getting copies printed for our backers!

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The backstory

On August 22, 2017, our 5 month and 1 day old nephew, Hunter Brown, was killed in an arson that also destroyed his home. His mother, Ron’s younger sister, was brought to hospital in critical condition but ultimately recovered from her injuries. This unfathomable event was and continues to be extremely difficult for our family to understand. Even more difficult was trying to explain it to our young daughter, who was a week away from her 7th birthday at the time.

As the months passed and the pain of the grief came and went in waves, I wondered how we would ever escape the despair, the heartbreak, the emptiness. Finally I started to think about everything Hunter had meant to us, and the memories we had made with him in his short time on earth.

Hunter’s Special Squawk is a way for me to make sense of a horrific situation. To explain to our daughter why a life could be taken so soon. And to move forward honouring Hunter’s memory and the things he taught us.

Hunters Special Squawk cover juicygreenmom

The good Hunter brought to the world will continue to live on. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to WWF-Canada‘s vital conservation work through the Give a Panda Room to Grow fund.

Check here to see how much has been donated to the fund, or to donate directly to WWF-Canada.

Our hope is that Hunter’s story can bring comfort and solace to others who have lost loved ones too soon. We hope that it can help both children and adults to understand and process their grief, and be able to see the light in the darkness.

Why is Hunter a chick?

Ron has always drawn his family members as animals. For as long as I can remember, he drew adorable pictures of his immediate family, and then of me and our daughter, as a way to commemorate events, or immortalize life’s moments. Hunter is a chick because he was born in the year of the rooster according to the Chinese Zodiac. The chick became extra significant as Hunter would make a squawking sound that sounded very much like a bird.


We are so grateful for the friends and family who have supported us through this journey. We especially want to thank Jana Rieger for providing story editing expertise, and Johanne Regunathan and Janet Lam for providing feedback on our drafts prior to publishing.


Video graphics and animation by Ron Tang. Music composed and performed by Judith Lam Tang.