Juice Beauty: Authentically Pink Makeup Kit

1013-makeup-authentically-pink-kitYou can’t go out shopping without seeing some version of “Think Pink” for promoting Breast Cancer awareness. However, “pinkwashing” has been a huge problem with this – companies that sell products with the very chemicals and toxins that contribute to breast cancer put a pink ribbon on their products. When my sister was first diagnosed with breast cancer, I would actually buy things with the pink ribbon, just for the sake of the pink ribbon. Thankfully I’m a bit more educated now so I’m a lot more choosy when I see that pink ribbon.

Juice Beauty is a company that does NOT have chemicals and toxins in their skincare and makeup products – and for a limited time they have an¬†Authentically Pink Makeup Set¬†available. It’s priced at just $46 USD (a $77 USD value) so it’s a great deal and a great example of true “Pink” products.

The kit includes the following (from the product description):

  • Glowing Cheek Color (pink, 0.1 oz): Beautiful, antioxidant-rich pigments highlight the cheeks with organic acai and goji berries. Prevents creases for an airbrushed, matte finish with aloe and mineral powders
  • Reflecting Lip Gloss (pink, 0.14 oz): Antioxidant-rich pigments derived from organic acai, goji, blueberry, and raspberries. Rich shimmer from natural mineral reflectors.
  • Conditioning Lip Color (pink, 0.14 oz): Provides long-lasting moisture and a rich shimmer to lips with organic sesame seed oil. Nourishes and heals lips with organic agave and sweet orange.
  • Buki Brush: Cruelty free. Vegan. Bamboo handle. No animal hair.
  • Pink Bag

For more information on Breast Cancer Awareness, here are some other great resources:

The Keep a Breast Foundation

Breast Cancer Action

Breast Cancer.org

What authentically pink products do you know of?


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