London Drugs Green Hero for Bringing Back the Pack #LDgreen2016

I’m really excited to announce the London Drugs Green Hero from our Bring Back the Pack campaign!

By bringing back stuff to recycle at London Drugs (see the list here), and sharing about it on social media, you could have entered to win a whopping $100 giftcard!

@Cathunter460 took some expired medications back to London Drugs for safe disposal (don’t put those in the garbage!) – and is our London Drugs Green Hero! Congratulations!!


Just because the contest is over doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep bringing your stuff back to London Drugs! They are a company that I truly respect as a green mom, because they are really trying to raise awareness about sustainability and green business and living.

Check out their sustainability story here and learn about how they are diverting over 93% of store waste from landfills, what you can bring to recycle and where it goes, and their mission for Zero Waste.

What will you bring back to London Drugs for recycling?


(Disclosure: This post was sponsored by London Drugs, and London Drugs will be providing the winner with a $100 gift card.)

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