London Drugs: organic foods & natural sunscreens

I had a chance over the weekend to take some photos at London Drugs (Windermere location in Edmonton) of some other organic foods and natural sunscreens that they carry.


Taste of Nature is a Canadian company that makes granola bars from organic ingredients. They’re really more like fruit and nut bars, and gluten-free as well. I have gotten these from or Safeway for $5-6 per box, so this one is a good deal!


I’ve raved about Suzie’s thin cakes in My Eco-Friendly Costco Cart post. I didn’t see them the last time I went to Costco (which scares me a little bit!), so I was very happy to see that they are available at London Drugs. Lundberg rice cakes are also available (on sale this week as you can see on the lower shelf). I have tried the unsalted ones, as well as the Tamari & Seaweed flavour, and really like both of them. A perfect organic alternative to Quaker rice cakes.


I had no idea that London Drugs had a brand of organic tomato sauce and paste, but apparently they do! Also on sale right now!


Green Beaver and Badger sunscreens are in my top 3 natural sunscreens, and both brands are available at London Drugs. Yay!

I’ll continue to update what organic and green products are available as I go. It’s nice to see more variety outside of the organic specialty stores!

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