Meal Planning: The Fresh 20

the fresh 20
Meal Planning: The Fresh 20

Since I had my baby girl almost 3 years ago, making meals has been a chore. In the early days of her infancy, I was often too exhausted or having to hold her in a specific position to sleep at various times of the day, so I didn’t make dinner. When I went to work part-time, I still had a really hard time with coming up with a meal every day, even on the days that I was at home with my daughter. I could usually figure out a meal for 1 weeknight, but I never had my act together enough on the weekend to think of more than 1 or 2 things I would make over the week, and therefore bought groceries haphazardly.

Then I discovered The Fresh 20. It’s a meal-planning website that provides recipes for 5 weeknight dinners, as well as a grocery list of 20 fresh ingredients that you’ll use to create those 5 dinners. Every Friday, they post a new week’s worth of meal recipes, so on Saturday or Sunday, I can take my grocery list and get everything I need for the week. They also have a list of 20 pantry staples (like spices, oils, vinegars, or pastas) that you should always have on hand. The meals are intended to be healthy, so 1 serving is usually around 600 calories (recipes are for 4 servings, so for us, this means we also can pack lunch for the next day!). What’s really awesome is that they have several¬†categories: classic, vegetarian, gluten-free (hooray for my gluten-free friends!), dairy-free, kosher, lunch and for one. It’s $65 for an annual membership, and with that, you also get access to the archives! This has been great for us, so that I can browse the past years of weekly menus, and pick and choose what I want to try.

I used it well for my annual membership and am still referring back to what I’ve picked up from it. I’ve never been a domestic goddess in the kitchen, but I feel as though I’ve learned a lot about cooking by using this service because I’m trying things I haven’t done before. Plus it’s helping us stay on a healthier eating path.

Planning meals works perfectly with my subscription to The Organic Box because then I have my ingredients ready to go. It also means much less food waste because things don’t just sit in the fridge and go bad.

Win-Win for everyone with The Fresh 20! Check out the site and try 1 week for free.


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