My Organic & Eco Friendly Costco Cart

I was pleasantly surprised when I started noticing some of the organic and eco-friendly things available at Costco – some things I don’t see at other stores, and many of them at much cheaper prices! Here’s my eco friendly Costco cart with items I shop for frequently. (updated March 1, 2015)


New items (updated March 1, 2015):

Made in Nature Super Berry Fusion organic dried berry mix. This was an exciting find for me because it’s organic AND there is no added sugar. Perfect for on-the-go snacks!

Made in Nature Organic made in nature dried figs at Costco

Prana Kilimanjaro trail mix. I LOVE the Prana brand – they have such great organic products – and this trail mix (with dark chocolate in it!) is absolutely to die for! Seriously.

Lotus Foods Organic Rice Ramen (Gluten Free). This was SO EXCITING for me to see – I have gotten these through The Organic Box and at Blush Lane Organic Market in Edmonton, and Costco price is definitely better! My daughter LOVES ramen, so a wheat-free (and gluten-free) organic alternative makes me so happy.

Tolerant Organic Red Lentil Rotini. Since I made the decision to stay away from wheat, I’ve been excited to try any new pastas I can. This is a brand I’ve never seen before, and I’ve never seen pasta made from lentils before! How cool! 

TruRoots Sprouted Rice & Quinoa. This brand is all organic and sprouted grains, which is pretty much as good as you can get for healthy grains! Gluten-Free, of course.

Wildroots Natural Sprouted Brown Rice. Not organic, but sprouted brown rice. A good middle ground alternative.Sunblest Almond Flour. Great if you’re going grain-free or gluten-free!

Gluten-Free Baking Mix for substituting in recipes to make them celiac friendly!

gluten free baking mix at Costco

Package of 3 LED lightbulbs (pretty perfect timing for my post about energy-efficiency at home!) for $21.99. Great deal! (There are 3 bulbs in each package, the angle just looks funny in the photo!)

LED lightbulbs at Costco

In my featured image:

1. Cascades 100% recycled paper. $11.99 for 1500 sheets (3 reams of 500). I was very excited to find this, because you can’t always get 100% recycled paper at your big-box stores. I use it in my home printer and love it.

2. Kirkland Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. $13.99 for 2L bottle. Yes, it is cold pressed. The only thing I’d change about it is putting it in a glass bottle versus plastic, but you can’t really beat the price.

3. truRoots organic ancient grains pasta – gluten free penne. $8.69 for 1 kg. You can’t get much more organic and healthy than that for pasta! A super price, as often 454g bags are around $5 or more.

4. Pacific Foods organic red pepper and tomato soup. $12.99 for 3-1L tetrapacks of 2 flavours. Definitely cheaper than buying individually (even on sale) at other grocery and drugstores.

5. Pacific Foods organic low-sodium chicken broth. $11.59 for 6-946ml tetrapacks. This is a go-to for cooking since I started using the Fresh 20 meal-planning website. This price is much better than the cheapest sale prices I’ve seen in other grocery stores.

6. Amy’s organic soups: lentil & lentil vegetable. $12.99 for 8-398ml cans.

7. Carrington Farms organic coconut oil. $16.99 for 1.5kg. Ah, coconut oil. I have been learning about the wonderful properties of coconut oil lately – using it as a skin moisturizer to combat eczema, using it as a substitute for butter or margarine or oil, and apparently it can also have positive effects on Parkinson Disease. Again I’d like it if this was a glass jar instead of plastic, but how can you go wrong with this price? I think I’ve seen it for around $16 for 750ml in other stores.

carrington farms organic coconut oil at costco

8. Wholesome Sweeteners organic blue agave syrup. $10.99 for 2-736ml bottles. When you try to go organic, one of the biggest challenges is replacing white sugar and corn syrup as sweeteners. I haven’t tried using blue agave syrup myself, but have heard that is an excellent substitute for corn syrup in baking recipes.

9. MadHava Organic Coconut Sugar. $11.89 for 3lb bag. I’ve gotten my husband to use coconut sugar in his coffee, and I use it all the time as a replacement for regular sugar in baking now. What I love is that it has lower glycemic index which means less spikes in your blood sugar from it.

10. Annie’s Bunny Grahams. $9.99 for 30-28g bags: 10 of each of 3 flavours (cheddar bunny crackers, honey bunny graham cookies, chocolate graham cookies). This has nice convenient snack-size bags for on-the-go!

11. Suzie’s Thin Cakes. $6.79 for 520g. Another favourite snack for my daughter and myself.  Usually there are one of 2 varieties available: brown rice cakes with quinoa & flax or corn, quinoa & flax.

12. Nut’n Better natural peanut butter (no salt added, no sugar added). $8.99 for 2-1kg jars. This is a great price for natural peanut butter, as I have paid around $6 for 1 jar half the size of these ones. Only thing I’d change is the plastic jar to a glass jar, but again you can’t beat the price.

13. Nature’s Path Chia Coconut Granola. $7.99 for 1kg. I’ve raved about Nature’s Path cereals in my cereals and snacks post, and I LOVE this flavour of granola. And usually I would pay around $5 for a 500g box in other grocery stores, so again, great price.

14. Pink Solution – all-purpose cleaner. $49.99 for a 5L bucket that also includes Mother’s Choice cleaner and laundry bar. This isn’t always available at Costco – only when there’s a demo going on for it. I had heard rave reviews about this cleaner developed in BC, including a review in Adria Vasil’s Ecoholic book. You can use this solution to clean virtually everything in your house, including laundry, mattresses, carpet and upholstery stains, jewelry, even your pets! It is made from coconut oil and enzymes, so it is absolutely perfect for a house with kids and pets. And apparently this 5L bucket will last a family of 4 about 2 years – cleaning everything in the house! I really like this cleaner and it definitely lasts for a long time – I’m still going through my first tub after 2 years!

15. Moov organic wild blueberries. $12.69 for 1.5kg. Mixing berries with plain organic yogurt has been one of the only constants in our house for my daughter to eat.  For awhile it could ONLY be blueberries and yogurt, so this bag is perfect. Berries are one of the more susceptible produce items to retain pesticides even after lots of washing, so getting organic berries is something I try to do as much as possible. Luckily Costco makes it easy for blueberries! (Note: Lately I haven’t seen the Moov brand of organic blueberries, but I have seen other brands still available at Costco!)

16. Earthbound Farm organic spring mix. $3.49 for a large clamshell. They also have baby spinach and romaine leaves. Organic Girl’s I heart Baby Kale is still my favourite salad mix right now (seen at Wal-Mart), but these are a pretty good second choice, especially for the price.


Voila!  I’m pretty impressed with the number of eco-friendly, natural, and organic choices there are at Costco. Just goes to show that you never know where you’re going to find another great green bargain. Thanks for shopping with me!


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