Natural Sunscreen: Protection from the Sun AND Toxic Ingredients

A lot of people tell me that natural sunscreens just don’t work for them – they still find that they get sunburn. What I think in my head when they say that is – how long are you sitting in the sun and how much of your skin is exposed to it?

Sunscreen is definitely important for sun protection. But I think we often forget about the simple things we also need to consider – like planning what time of day to go out in the sun (avoiding midday), covering up, seeking shade, and checking the UV index that day. Those little things can really make a big difference!

natural sunscreen protection from the sun juicygreenmomHowever! You do still need to get out and buy some sunscreen. And you don’t want to buy stuff that is full of toxic ingredients. And you don’t want to buy the natural stuff that is super goopy and goes on completely white. So where do you start looking?

You can start with the Environmental Working Group (EWG)’s list of worst sunscreens for kids that are based on these baddy factors:

  • Spray sunscreens. These products can be inhaled and may not cover skin completely.
  • SPF values above 50+. Products touting high SPF values try to trick you into believing they’ll prevent sun damage. Don’t trust them. SPFs of 30 to 50 are enough for even very pale skin.
  • Oxybenzone. This common sunscreen ingredient has been linked to hormone system disruption.
  • Retinyl palmitate. This ingredient may actually trigger damage to sun-exposed skin.

They have a great annual guide to sunscreens so that you can check a product’s rating before you buy it in the store (a score of 1 means it’s super safe, and a score of 10 means it’s super bad).

Looking for the best scoring sunscreens for kids? Here is EWG’s list for 2016.

Get them at

or at

They also have a great list of best moisturizers with SPF, and I’m happy to see some of my favourite brands on there, like Juice Beauty, Babo Botanicals, and my ultimate favourite facial and all-over sunscreen (see my review here) Devita Solar Protective Moisturizer.

It’s really awesome that there are so many more options for natural sunscreen now – and you don’t have to settle for looking chalky white. Some of these products are totally sheer and still do their job! For other natural sunscreens I’ve tried, read this post.

What is your favourite natural sunscreen?

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