Plastic Codes Decoded

Plastic Codes Decoded

Plastic is everywhere. I really applaud those who go without it, like Beth from My Plastic Free Life, because it takes a LOT of effort to keep it out of your home. I have to admit that I’m not even close to eliminating it from my home, though we use only glass and stainless steel for food and beverage storage, which is a start.

I decided to make an infographic about the different plastic codes because I know it can be confusing! (I can’t always keep it straight in my head!)

Here are the plastic codes decoded!

Plastic Codes Decoded

Plastic Codes Decoded

This infographic was based on Healthy Child Healthy World’s articles about knowing your plastics, and how to reduce your use of plastic.

If you change nothing else, please consider changing your water bottle! Get a reusable one instead of buying bottled water, and invest in a glass or stainless steel one. Your health and the earth will thank you!

If you didn’t already know, plastic also exists in microbeads in personal care products – although we are finally starting to see some changes in legislations to remove them. They wreak so much havoc on our beloved ocean life!

A few other useful infographics about plastic:

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Did you learn anything new about plastic from these infographics?


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