RANT: I Need Mosquito Repelling Plants NOW

mosquito repelling plants catnip
RANT: I Need Mosquito Repelling Plants NOW

Okay, so in Edmonton, it’s mid-May, which means spring has just barely started. People are flocking to garden centres but not transferring their plants into their gardens just in case there’s another snow before the May long weekend (which there usually is). My backyard has grass (well, it’s a loose term for grass) that is still brown. The green spots in my yard are weeds.

I was muttering and cursing while trying to dig the weeds out for about an hour today, and began noticing a familiar feeling… itchy spots. I looked down, and to my horror and dismay, a large mosquito was biting the back of my hand through my Think Pink gardening glove. Really. Really??? I trudged into the house to douse myself in natural bug spray and went back out. In that hour I got 11 bites. Seriously. It’s not summer. My grass isn’t even grass yet. Can someone send the bloodsuckers a memo and tell them it’s not their bloody season yet???

I haven’t had a chance to get my mosquito-repelling plants yet (which I only started learning about 2 days ago on Pinterest, and thought to myself – gee, I’m really going to equip myself this year with some mosquito repelling plants! I’m going to get them before the mosquitoes are out!). Apparently I wasn’t on the ball quick enough. How did we go from winter to summer in a week – with bloodsuckers out before anything has really started growing??

On that note – does anyone have recommendations for where I can get some lemongrass, catnip, feverfew, lavender, and garlic chive plants in Edmonton? Apparently those are all mosquito repelling plants. And apparently I need some RIGHT NOW.

End rant.

What do you use to keep mosquitoes away?

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