REVIEW: Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts & Liquid

GVP-soapnuts&liquid-JGMreviewGreen Virgin Products sells all natural cleaning products free of carcinogens and other harmful chemicals to the human body. Woohoo! I had the opportunity to try both the Green Virgin Products Soap Nuts and Soap Nuts liquid, so I’m reviewing them for you here!

Soap Nuts

If you’ve read my post about greening your laundry, you’ll know that I love soap nuts! I got my last batch of soap nuts from Ethical Deal (where I paid $17 + $12 shipping for 1 kg), and was happy to see that Green Virgin Products sells 1 kg for $27.95 – not too far off from what I paid in my deal.

I find that soap nuts are great for cleaning my laundry – though I do like to add a drop or two of essential oils for purifying (my favourites are Tea Tree and Lemon). It is a teeny bit more work to use them because you need to put them into the cloth bag, and set them in a little cup of warm water to activate them. However, they are very frugal and truly green, since you can throw them into your compost when you’ve used them for a few washes!

Soap Nuts Liquid

If you’re still a bit weirded out by putting what looks like dried fruit into your laundry, the Soap Nuts Liquid is a perfect alternative! This liquid laundry soap does contain non-toxic preservatives to prolong its shelf life (at least 2 years), which Green Virgin openly discloses as caprylyl glycol and phenethyl alcohol (they have ratings of 0 and 1 in EWG’s Skin Deep Database: lower scores mean less toxic). You only need 1 teaspoon for large/ extra dirty loads, or ½ teaspoon for average loads – so it’s super concentrated! I was really impressed with how clean my laundry came out with such a tiny amount of liquid – it got out the pen stains from when my daughter drew all over her cream-coloured bed sheet. No sign of it now! Bonus: you can also dilute the soap nuts liquid for an awesome glass and window cleaner!

What do you use for your laundry?


(Disclosure: Green Virgin Products sent me the following products at no cost in order to facilitate this review: Soap Nuts Sampler and Soap Nuts Liquid sample size. No compensation was received for this review, all opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase products via these links, a small percentage of the sale will be given to me at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting!)

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    1. I believe it is more important to activate in warm water when washing in cold, however I think they are more effective if you activate prior to the wash – regardless of the washing temperature.
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