Safer Kids Toys & Gear: Healthy Child Healthy World

Safer Kids Toys & Gear: Healthy Child Healthy World
Safer Kids Toys & Gear: Healthy Child Healthy World

Healthy Child Healthy World is a wonderful resource for anyone trying to get rid of toxins in their everyday life. Their Healthy Home Improvement infographic and ebook as well as pregnancy guides are just a few of their free available resources. Now they’ve put out a new ebook: Easy Steps to Safer Toys & Children’s Gear. This ebook is a resource like nothing I’ve ever seen – I wish I’d had it before I had my daughter! It is truly comprehensive, covering topics including:

  • baby gear: pacifiers – natural rubber is your best bet; bottles and food handling – try to go with glass & stainless steel, avoid plastic and melamine, strollers and carseats
  • toys and playthings: launder those stuffies!
  • electronics: remember “distance is your friend” as I’ve learned in my research about wifi
  • dressing up: clothes, accessories, and makeup
  • art supplies: paint, markers, crayons, and clay can all be hazardous!

Considering that it’s a free resource, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t have a read!

They’ve also put together this fabulous infographic about where toxics can lurk in art supplies – something that may not ever cross your mind when you’re doing crafts with your kiddos!



Healthy Child also has a great article about the 5 Worst Ingredients in kids body care products.

For more information on choosing educational toys for your kids, check out this article from Brick Dave.

What new thing did you learn after looking at these resources?

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