Sweet Peanut REVIEW: Pajamas for Kids

When you have a growing child, you have to get new sizes of pajamas every year. They want to have the latest Pajamas with the latest characters on them or want PJs that are special to them. Luckily there are some that allow you to Upload Your Face On Pajamas, so you and your children will have custom made jammies for bedtime. My daughter loves her pajamas, so I always want to the find the best kind for her. The problem with kids pajamas is that many of them have flame retardants in them. Because you definitely don’t want your kids to catch on fire when they’re asleep. Versus when they’re awake. Right? Yeah… Anyways.

I try my best to get organic cotton pajamas for my daughter, like these ones from Underables. Then I found out about Sweet Peanut, a Canadian baby and kids clothing company based out of Vancouver. Here’s what they have to say about their choice to make safe, toxin-free clothing:

“While studies have shown that there is a low migration of flame retardant chemicals from fabric to skin, there is speculation that the most widely used chemicals cause genetic abnormalities, as well as damage to the liver and nervous system, and promotes the growth of cancerous tumor. As such, the safety of its use in the manufacturing process is in question.

Not only is our 100% organic cotton clothing GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. It is never chemically treated and never will be.

Additionally, we use azo free and non hazardous dyeing materials in our printing process of our bright and vibrant colors.”

I am so happy that we have an amazing Canadian company committed to the safety of our children!

sweet peanut review pajamas for kids juicygreenmom

We got a couple of pajamas to try out, and my daughter loves ’em! At five and a half, the size 6 pajamas are a great fit, but long enough so that she can get a good amount of wear out of them. For the colder times and winter months, she also has a cozy and comfortable looking onesie that she hasn’t yet tried on but I’m sure she’ll love it when she needs that extra warmth. I know I love my onesie and it feels like a warm hug whenever I cuddle up in it! Would you pass up on onesie cuddles in winter?!

The fabric is so soft and cozy! These striped pjs are incredibly soft and I just want to cuddle her all day in them! (Plus they’re on sale right now, so you can get an awesome deal!)

When I saw the “around the world” hot air balloon print summer pjs, I knew they were a must. What a gorgeous print! And again the fabric is super soft and comfy.

sweet peanut review pajamas for kids juicygreenmom hot air balloons

We also got a long set in pink with white swirls on them that are just as lovely as the other two. We’ve now gone through several washes with all 3 of them, and they are holding up nicely, and still super soft and cozy.

These pajamas are supposed to be pretty snug-fitting to compensate for the fact that they have no flame retardants in them. I’d say they fit pretty true to size.

sweet peanut review pajamas for kids pink pjs juicygreenmom

Sweet Peanut has lots and lots of other clothing for babies and toddlers, so be sure to check out their selection. It’s a great opportunity to get some good quality, toxin-free clothing and support a local Canadian company!

What do you want to get from Sweet Peanut?

(Disclosure: I received 3 sets of pajamas from Sweet Peanut at no cost to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received for this post. This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase products via these links, a small percentage of the sale will be given to me at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting juicygreenmom.ca!)

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