What You Need to Know About Allergies Infographic

It’s seasonal allergy season and I have been hit hard with the early arrival of spring in Edmonton! Sneezing and congestion, itchy watery eyes – ugh. I also have allergic reactions to furry shedding animals (not a good feeling when I start to feel my airway swelling up), so I am no stranger to the world of allergies. Because allergies are becoming so rampant, it’s likely that you or someone in your family also suffers from some kind of allergy.

what you need to know about allergies infographic juicygreenmom

Blink Health has put together this interesting Allergies infographic to help you be informed about allergies, how you might be affected depending on where you live (in the USA), and things that can help.


I had no idea that eating onions could help with combating allergy inflammation! I’m definitely going to eat more onions!

I’ve also found that some essential oils that are known to help with cold and cough symptoms (as identified by Health Canada), can also help with my allergy symptoms. My favourite combination is lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils.

How do you combat allergies?


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