30% off Mabel’s Labels Sale

It’s a 30% off EVERYTHING sale at Mabel’s Labels!

It must be that March madness because Mabel’s Labels is giving you 30% off … EVERYTHING!

mabel's labels sale juicygreenmom

That’s right. 30% off Peel and Stick Name Labels … 30% off Clothing Labels, Bag Tags … everything.

This special 30% off deal only lasts until March 8th, so shop Mabel’s Labels today so you can save on all your favorite labels!

I love that Mabel’s Labels has kept so much of my daughter’s stuff from ending up in a landfill – because we’ve found pretty much everything that was lost that had a label on it! SWEET! This is an awesome Mabel’s Labels sale┬áso I’m definitely stocking up!
30% Off Everything at Mabel's Labels!

How do you use Mabel’s Labels?

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