4 Ways to Go Green Without Breaking the Bank

4 Ways to Go Green Without Breaking the Bank juicygreenmom

It’s a comment I hear a lot. “I can’t afford to be green. I can’t afford to eat organic.” My response is usually something like, “I am not made of money either. But I choose to eat organic and be as green as I can.” So how do you do it? Is it possible? (My answer is a resounding “YES” because after all, that’s the whole reason I blog!) Here are 4 ways to go green on a sensible budget.

1. Prioritize.

What are the priorities in your life? For me, my family’s health is a HUGE priority, along with lessening our environmental impact on the planet. Because health is so important to me, good organic food is a must. Organic food reduces the number of toxins we’re exposed to, whilst also helping our pollinators to thrive. Additionally, I want my home to be a healthy place to live. Freezing temperatures in the winter are a significant risk to health, which is why it’s important to pack your loft space with as much insulation as you can and fix any loose tiles that are letting the cold in. This Denver commercial roofing service can repair a broken roof and fit insulation for you, helping to keep the heat in your house. Insulation is relatively cheap, whilst it can also help to save on your energy bills, meaning it won’t damage your purse. As an added benefit, it’s also great for the planet as it saves energy and reduces heat loss to the atmosphere.

2. DIY, within reason.

There are tons of DIY recipes out there for EVERYTHING. The problem is that it can be overwhelming. For a while, I was feeling really stressed about trying to DIY everything I could – so that is why I say “within reason”. Commit to learn to DIY a few simple things – later you may feel more confident or comfortable with doing more. For example, I’ve only just started doing some DIY bath & body products with essential oils. I NEVER considered doing it before because it seemed like way too much work. But now I can see the huge financial savings, and I see how easy it can be (because I only pick super easy things to DIY!). Here’s why I made the switch to DIY shampoo and conditioner, my face care system for under $30, and my DIY dry skin relief cream I can’t do without.

3. Eat at home most of the time.

It’s no secret that eating out costs more. Cutting down on the number of times you eat out is a good idea but if you can’t do that, then go to restaurants that aren’t as expensive as the ones you’re going to now.

Also, if you’re cooking more at home then you should know that organic and local farm chickens are usually much larger than the ones you get at the grocery store. Although $30 for a chicken sounds like a lot, it can go a long way! For example, my family of 3 can pretty much eat one of those $10 grocery store rotisserie chickens for 1 dinner, and maybe have enough for 1 person’s lunch the next day. With an organic chicken, on the other hand, I ALWAYS get 3 full dinners, plus 2-4 lunches out of it. So really – the organic chicken is at least on par with the regular chicken!

4. Buy less.

It sounds simple, but really – it is so easy in our consumerist society to throw things into our shopping carts and fill our homes. When I go through the house to purge and give things away, there are always things that I think – why did I really need to buy this? Really think about things that you are putting in your cart (physical or digital). Food waste is a big one – how many of us buy loads of produce with good intentions, and then let half of it go bad? This was a big goal for many of the families I worked with for the Queen of Green coaching project. I have found that buying less produce and planning meals has helped tremendously with this.

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What are some ways that you go green on a budget?

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