5 Reasons to Check Out Alterre 21-in-1 Shoes

5 Reasons to Check Out Alterre 21-in-1 Shoes juicygreenmom

I now have very few shoes that fit me after my feet changed shape after pregnancy. And I do NOT want to go out and buy a whole bunch of shoes. Expensive. Wasteful. Disposable society, etc. So when I heard about Alterre Shoes, I was intrigued.

Alterre is an innovative line of modular shoes for the modern woman. The designers Harmony Pilobello and Shilpa Iyengar wanted to make comfortable, versatile shoes that people can interchange into over 125 combinations.

So why should you check them out?

1 – All Alterre Shoes are designed in a New York Studio and made according to fair labor laws in Brazil.

alterre shoes factory brazil juicygreenmom

2 – Alterre will donate 5% of the proceeds to the women’s abuse shelter Restore NYC, so you get to do good while you look good. Restore is a non-profit organization that provides long-term rehabilitation to victims of sex-trafficking in New York, one of the major hubs for trafficking in the world. Important work, right?

3 – All Alterre shoes are made with genuine leather that is sourced locally in Brazil. The leather and other components are sourced directly in Brazil because it reduces the company’s carbon footprint overall. Sweet!

4 – Avoid fast fashion. The designers tried to make a shoe that lessens the impact of wasteful fashion. Because the looks are interchangeable, you only have one base lift and many shoes, meaning less plastic heels.

alterre shoes underside juicygreenmom

5 – You will get exclusive access to brand new looks and platform heels for the new season.

It’s exciting to imagine that you won’t need so much shoe storage space, and you won’t need to partake in buying multiple pairs of shoes that you’ll only wear once or twice. Better for your wallet AND the environment.

Check out the Alterre Shoes Kickstarter campaign!

What do you think about Alterre 21-in-1 Shoes?

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