How to Do a Soup Cleanse

All of us, at one point or another, need a diet reset. We get into bad habits—say, eating too much or eating too much of the wrong thing—and suddenly we feel sluggish or we’re quickly gaining unwanted pounds.

One thing that’s grown in popularity is a cleanse diet. A cleanse usually focuses on extreme calorie deprivation—sometimes little more than flavoured water—in order to “shock” your system into losing some water weight, or to shock your habits into a bit more awareness. While these are interesting, they’re often devoid of any nutrients or vitamins that you need to keep functioning.

That’s why a soup cleanse is so interesting. Instead of going totally without anything to fuel your body, a soup cleanse feeds you either cold or warm soup that’s focused on healthy ingredients.

how to do a soup cleanse juicygreenmom

Is your interest piqued? Good: This graphic is chock full of healthful recipes and tips to get you started on your own soup cleanse.

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Soup up Your Lifestyle with a Soup Cleanse

I personally love making chicken bone broth in my Instant Pot – super nutritious and gut friendly!

Will you try to do a soup cleanse?

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