Earth Hour City: follow my hometown’s lead!

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Earth Hour is taking place Saturday March 29, 2014 from 8:30-9:30pm, an initiative started by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  Will you be turning off your lights and electronic devices for 1 hour to signify your commitment to combat climate change?

I was so excited to hear that my hometown – the City of Edmonton – was crowned the National Earth Hour Capital.

From the WWF website: “This year, Earth Hour City Challenge 2014 recognizes the power of cities to help redirect investment in fossil fuels to renewable energy solutions – and challenged these Canadian cities to submit visionary and credible development plans for a more renewable future.” Find out more about what Edmonton is doing here.

As citizens of Edmonton, Canada, and the world, we can all do our part to contribute to a sustainable future.

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What will you do to implement Earth Hour with your family and friends?

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