5 Ways Motherhood Makes Me a Better Person #FiveonFriday

As we get closer to the end of the year, I start to reflect on what has happened and what I’ve gone through. At this point in time, I am really beginning to see how motherhood makes me a better person – in all aspects of life. Here’s how.


1 – I am better able to master my emotions.

When I was faced with a very screamy baby (and later figured out it was because she is a highly sensitive child), one of the things that kept running through my head was – “I am the adult, I can control my emotions and my response. My child cannot.” This got me through many difficult moments because I would realize that my frustration was doing nothing to help the situation. This continues to be a really important way that I can calm down and respond more rationally – with my daughter, and with other crazy situations life brings.

2 – Motherhood brings out the Zen in me.

Before becoming a mother, I would never have described myself as a “calm” person. I would say I was a passionate person – and I went full speed at things that were important to me, and got easily excitable. In the last few years since having my daughter, I have gotten feedback from different people I interact with – friends, clients, colleagues, students – that I have a “calm presence”. I think part of it is a result of number 1 – that I don’t react and get all worked up the way I used to because I’ve had to learn not to. But I think motherhood has just brought more balance to my outlook on life.

3 – I can truly empathize.

It’s a bit of a cliche that you really can’t empathize with other parents until you become one yourself. I think this is so huge for me, because having worked with families with special needs children in the past, and doing so now – my perspective has completed shifted in how I see these families, how they work, and how they can support their children. Motherhood has given me the experience I can draw from to really and truly empathize with other parents.

4 – I am better at setting limits.

When you have a toddler, you learn super quick about how to set limits. Learning to set limits for my daughter have in turn taught me to set limits for myself. I will no longer work hours of overtime, or say “yes” to things because I feel guilty saying “no”. I now know that raising a healthy and happy child means that I myself need to be a healthy and happy person in order to be successful.

5 – I am more conscious – about everything.

I started this blog because of my daughter, and I believe that my continued quest for green, toxin-free living has helped me to become more conscious about all the decisions I make. Everything from the food I choose to buy, to the toothpaste, to the toilet paper, to the clothes – everything matters, everything is a conscious decision. And though I may not always make the best choices, I believe my awareness of the impact of these choices helps me to do better the next time.

What in your life makes you a better person?

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