Affirmations #FiveonFriday

It’s time for the weekly Five on Friday post! Today I’m sharing my top 5 affirmations.

Five on Friday – Affirmations

These are 5 affirmations I use on a regular basis. I know this sounds cheesy. I think it is cheesy. Except that it also works. Seriously.

1 – This too shall pass.

I have been using this one a lot during some stressful stuff happening at work. I also say it to myself when my daughter’s having a “moment”.

2 – I am strong, I am smart, and I will conquer.

Saying this to myself and taking a whiff of Valor essential oil blend gives me the courage to face my demons. Real and imagined.

3 – I can do this.

I said this to myself a lot when I had to prick my finger to check my blood sugar when I was pregnant. Now I say it before any anxiety-causing event. (Yes, if it involves needles, it’s an anxiety-causing event for me.)

4 – I am the adult. I can control my emotions.

This one really helps during those moments of full-on scream or extreme whinypants (my daughter, not my husband. Ha!). I actually feel I can catch myself from saying something in a frustrated, annoyed, or angry tone – which really just sets my daughter off even more. And reminding myself that I am the one who needs to rein in my emotions is a good lesson to learn on an almost daily basis.

5 – This is my “why”.

When I feel like I’m starting to lose my focus or my purpose, I conjure up an image of my daughter to remind myself of my “why”. She is the reason I try to live green, toxin-free, and healthy – to protect her health and future as much as possible. She is the reason I work part-time – to make sure I’m investing in her early childhood and instilling her with a strong moral compass. She is the reason I must take care of myself as well – to be the best mother I can be.

What are some of your affirmations?

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