Last Week Tonight #FiveonFriday

It’s time for the weekly Five on Friday post! A group of Canadian bloggers all share 5 random things each week, which is a lot of fun! Today I’m sharing 5 of my favourite clips from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Five on Friday – Last Week Tonight


I watched The Daily Show with Jon Stewart since Jon Stewart started hosting the show (I saw him on an interview with Oprah and fell hard and fast for him!) and LOVED John Oliver as a correspondent. Then John Oliver covered for Jon Stewart for a summer and I loved him even more. THEN John Oliver left The Daily Show to host his own show on HBO – Last Week Tonight. I love the way he explores real gritty issues and balances it with comical interludes. Here are my favourites.

1 – Climate Change

I was delighted to see John Oliver addressing this issue. Bottom line: climate change is real. We need to act.

2 – Fashion

This story was such music to my ears as a green mama. The problems of “fast fashion” and the incredible waste associated with it (bad for our environment, our wallets, and …

3 – Food Waste

“Sadness, sadness, sadness, let food replace your sadness,

Stuff riblets in that hole in your heart!”

This one is worth at least the first few minutes of watching just for that little ditty. But seriously. As much as 40% of food produced in US is never eaten. Scary and needless waste! I really really love how John Oliver covers pretty much ALL the aspects of this problem.

4 – Sugar

When I first started cutting refined sugar out of my diet, it was mind-blowing to see how much it permeated every kind of food. And the incredible disgusting nasty-ness that is high fructose corn syrup (if you avoid any kind of sugar, make it that one!). John Oliver really looks into this issue with all of the marketing and health problems. With his usual humorous take, of course.

5 – Police Militarization

The idea of police militarization is really foreign to me as a Canadian, but it’s apparently a growing issue in the USA. My biggest LOL moments: “dude” said about 25 times in a clip, and “we’re going to stop a robbery at Little Caesar’s” to the tune of “Die MotherF*$er Die”.

Do you have any favourite John Oliver moments?

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