Five on Friday – Moments of Zen #FiveonFriday

It’s time for my weekly Five on Friday post! I am part of a group of Canadian bloggers who all share 5 random things each week. This last week was an interesting one for me, with lots of different “life” things going on… so I want to cap it off with 5 Moments of Zen to keep myself grounded.

Five on Friday – Moments of Zen

1 – Walking in falling fluffy snowflakes.

One day of the week, I get to be a public transit commuter and take the bus and train to work on campus. I love it because it reminds me of when I was a University student – a little more naive, a little less jaded, and much more certain I was going to change the world. I miss that innocence sometimes. Anyways, I got to walk from the train station to the campus building amidst the falling snow which was so peaceful and beautiful. I was listening to Jack Johnson (as a student, I was never without earbuds on the bus) and it was such a Zen moment for me that I didn’t really want to go inside. Some days we should just sit in a quiet snowfall with some uplifting music and contemplate.

2 – Getting praised by my daughter.

A long time ago, I used to play piano a lot, and even perform my little singer/songwriter shows. Since having my daughter, my piano playing time has gone way down. However, she has now been taking piano classes of her own, and after helping her practice the other day, I decided to practice some of the songs from the Frozen score I got her. She ran over and said “Mommy, I think you’re really good at that!” My heart overflowed.

3 – Signing a new contract.

I’ve recently gone through some nasty day-job work stress and finally decided to cut myself loose. This week I got to sign a new contract for a position that is quite a leap from the types of jobs I’ve been in for the last 10 years. It’s a new beginning and I felt a wave of “this is the right thing to do” afterwards. Zen.

4 – Meeting an old friend.

Isn’t it amazing when you meet up with an old friend who you haven’t seen in ages and you pick up where you left off? You just hug and gush over each other and then start chattering away and there’s not enough time to say everything? I always have a super happy heart after a meeting like that.

5 – Watching a My Little Pony episode with my daughter.

It’s true. I actually mostly enjoy watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic with my daughter. Seriously, I could list more My Little Pony names than most people would probably care to admit but I don’t care – I love it! There are some really clever jokes and plot lines. Seriously. Anyways. My daughter’s favourite episodes right now is “Pinkie Pride” about Pinkie Pie the party planner who meets her nemesis, Cheese Sandwich, an out-of-town party planner voiced by Weird Al. It’s fun! And more fun watching with my happy 5-year-old.

What moments of Zen have you had lately?

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