Flip 54 REVIEW: The Ultimate Earth Friendly and Comfortable Mattress

flip 54 mattress review juicygreenmom

I posted when I first received my Flip 54 mattress, which I was really excited about! Flip 54 has a lot of cool features, like being a TWO sided mattress, and being made from soy-based foam. Earth friendly and comfortable are 2 musts for me when looking for a new mattress, and I am happy to report that Flip 54 delivers on both fronts!

It is also a reasonably priced mattress with free shipping in Canada, and the mattress comes in a box so it’s easy to get into your bedroom and unpack. Note: There was absolutely NO SMELL when I unpacked the mattress. No worries about off-gassing! The best thing nowadays is that if you are suffering from a bad back or sleep trouble and need a new mattress now then you can get a buy now pay later mattress to save you paying the full cost upfront. This means that you could have a refreshing night’s sleep from tomorrow!

Flip 54 has a 108 day trial period. You can try one side for 54 days, then flip it and try the other side!

The FIRMER side

I started with the firmer side and in the first few days, I noticed a difference in how achy my body felt when I woke up. I felt less achy! It did feel quite different than the mattress with springs I was used to for 15 years… but I found that the longer I slept on it, the more my body got used to it. The firm side is very supportive without feeling hard. It still has a cushy feel to it, but it doesn’t sink in and swallow you when you lay on it.

The SOFTER side

When I imagine sleeping on a fluffy cloud, I think the softer side of the Flip 54 mattress is what it would feel like! The softer side still doesn’t swallow me up when I lay on it, but it has more give than the firmer side. I was very comfortable for my 54 days on this side too. I wasn’t sure if I would like the softer side as much because I thought maybe it wouldn’t support me as well. But it still felt supportive and I woke up with the same level of less achy-ness as with the firm side.


So which side am I sleeping on now? I actually really like both sides of the Flip 54! It was hard for me to decide which side was actually more comfortable. I decided to flip it back to the firmer side for the more supportive feel, which I think my aging and achy body seems to appreciate a tad more.

I am really happy that I liked both sides, though, and that I can flip it over at any time, and still be super comfortable!

Check out my first post about Flip 54 and the reasons I chose to try their mattress!


What do you think of this Flip 54 review? Will you give it a try?

(Disclosure: I received a 15% discount to purchase a Flip 54 Queen sized mattress. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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