Flip 54: The Best Earth Friendly Mattress

flip 54 the best earth friendly mattress juicygreenmom

I have been sleeping on the same mattress for the last… um… 15 years? I also deal with a lot of chronic pain issues to the point where everything I did was just a nightmare. I was taking all sorts of medication just to soothe the pain! I found quite a few options, like the ones mentioned here, but there was still something not right. I soon realized that perhaps my sleeping habits were not allowing me to get the proper rest and comfort I needed. And then people started telling me – you need a new mattress! I knew I was being silly. I realized that I haven’t purchased a new mattress since buying the one for my daughter when she grew out of her crib. I came across Flip 54 when they had a kiosk at the former RAAS at West Edmonton Mall, and remember being intrigued. Obviously I needed to find something earth friendly, without any toxic off-gassing – it is NASTY what can be found in mattresses. After doing some research on different options, I decided to take the leap with Flip 54.

Why did I choose Flip 54?

Earth Friendly components.

The Flip 54 mattress is made from soy-based foam that is CertiPUR-US certified for quality. This means no nasty off-gassing!

The TWO-SIDED Mattress.

They are the only mattress company I know of that offers 2 different firmness sides in ONE MATTRESS! Most mattress companies only focus on ONE side of the mattress. Why? Because it costs way less to only put quality materials on one side of the mattress. A Flip 54 mattress is designed to be equally great on BOTH sides, so it’s like getting a 2-in-1 deal!

Give & Get a Good Night’s Sleep: They GIVE a mattress to a child in need for EVERY mattress they sell.

They give mattresses, blankets, bed nets, and shoes to help people in need around the world. They actually have a dedicated Giving Team in Ethiopia that works with Non-Profit Humanitarian Organizations and Giving Partners who help fulfil their Get & Give a Good Night’s Sleep commitment. The mattresses are manufactured locally in Ethiopia, which means they create a positive economic impact to the communities in which they give. How can you not love that?? It’s a win for everyone involved!

Reasonable Price.

The price of a Flip 54 is actually lower than most of the other “mattress in a box” companies out there, even though it has 2 sides and not one! They have a “direct from factory to consumer business model”, which cuts out the middleman.

Free shipping across Canada.

If I’m going to get a mattress in a box, I definitely don’t want to have to pay exorbitant shipping fees!

After I ordered the mattress online, the Flip 54 team contacted me to arrange for a shipping date. They wanted to ensure someone would be home to receive the mattress.

My mattress arrived rolled up in a box, which was pretty easy for my husband and I to carry upstairs. It was vacuum sealed in a bag when I opened the box.

flip 54 mattress unboxing juicygreenmom

When I broke the seal of the outer bag, it immediately started poofing up with air. It was encased in a second bag. (I do wish it didn’t involve so much plastic packaging, though I appreciate that it was very clean.)

flip 54 mattress unboxed juicygreenmom

As we got it out of the second bag, it was continuing to fill up with air and expand. On the website FAQs, it states: “Once you unbox & open your Flip 54 mattress from the sealed packaging, it may take a few hours to a full day for it to fully expand, breathe and adjust to your room’s temperature.” I wanted to make sure it was fully expanded, so I waited a full 24 hours before sleeping on it.

flip 54 mattress on the bed juicygreenmom

I started with the mattress on the “firm” side which I will try for 54 days, and then flip to the softer side for 54 days. The 108 day trial period means I get a really good amount of time to try each side! If it’s not a good fit after the 108 day trial, they will pick up the mattress and give a refund.

Check out my next post after the 108 day trial of my Flip 54 mattress!

(Disclosure: I received a 15% discount to purchase a Flip 54 Queen sized mattress. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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