Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit at 10% OFF!

After visiting Young Living’s lavender farm in Mona, Utah last summer as part of the International Convention, I am even more impressed with the quality and integrity of the essential oils they offer. No other company has a Seed to Seal commitment like they do:

From the time the seed is sourced until the oil is sealed in the bottle, we apply rigorous quality controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended.

I got to see the process when I visited the farm – from the seedlings and plants, to the distillation process, an overview of the quality testing process, and the bottling and sealing of the essential oils in bottles. I am so thrilled that I got to experience that, and it gives me such confidence in knowing that they are truly the only company that is involved in every step of the process of producing high quality essential oils. Other companies get their essential oils already bottled from a third party and are not part of the growing, harvesting, and distillation process.

I was in Calgary for the inaugural Canadian Convention last summer, and spent 2 hours listening to Young Living founder Gary Young talk about the 36 years of learning, researching, and testing he has done to ensure that the oils we get are the highest quality oils. Everything from sourcing the seeds, perfecting soil conditions for the healthiest plants, harvesting and distilling at the exact right time… It was amazing – there truly is no other company that offers the same degree of precision, quality, and Seed to Seal commitment.

young living premium starter kit sale juicygreenmom

Which is why I LOVE the value of the Premium Starter Kit, and why I’m SO EXCITED that you can get it at 10% off right now until September 15th SEPTEMBER 23 – EXTENDED!!(valid only in Canada)!!

These kinds of deals do not come around often. So if you’re wondering about whether essential oils are right for you, this is the time to take the leap! I promise that you will NOT be disappointed.

Read here for a description of the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit, and sign up here to get your kit.

I have been so amazed at the many ways essential oils have changed our family’s life for the better – I hope you will take this step for your family’s health and wellness too!

Young Living has a great infographic and how to make the most of your starter kit here.

What essential oil are you most looking forward to trying?


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