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Today I have a guest post from Nancy, blogger and writer at All Natural Mothering, a blog geared towards helping parents make natural and non toxic choices for their babies. Check out her tips for green baby feeding essentials!

Tips for Choosing the Safest and Greenest Feeding Essentials

Mealtime with your growing baby is filled with new experiences, laughter and bonding. Watching your baby taste new foods and have sensory experiences fills parents with joy. You can make feeding time with your little one easier and even more enjoyable when you have the right gear.

What’s more, you can make sure mealtime is safe and environmentally friendly by choosing feeding essentials that reduce their exposure to toxins and are made from sustainable materials. Too many products used around food are full of synthetic chemicals and known carcinogens.

Most often, this means avoiding feeding essentials that are made from plastic, and choosing safer alternatives such as silicone, wood, or stainless steel.

Let’s talk about safe and green feeding essentials for your baby so you know you are investing in the best!

8 Feeding essentials for baby

  1. Bottles

Before your baby begins to eat solid foods, and whether you are formula feeding or breastfeeding, they will be using a bottle. When it comes to choosing a bottle that’s safe for your baby, it’s essential to pick one that is made from glass, steel or silicone.

Bottles that are made from plastic, even ones that are advertised as “BPA-free” often leach carcinogenic or hormone-disrupting chemicals into the liquid inside. This is especially true when you are warming breastmilk or formula in the bottle.

Check this bottle feeding post for more safe baby bottle options.

  1. Formula

Once you’ve chosen a bottle, don’t forget to put some thought and research into what goes inside.When it comes to formula feeding there are so many options on the market. The choices can feel overwhelming! I always recommended choosing a formula that is certified organic and non-GMO.

  1. Highchair

No baby feeding essentials list is complete without a highchair. It makes mealtime so much easier and cleaner when you have a dedicated space for baby. The key to choosing a high-quality and safe highchair is to choose a highchair made of natural materials.

Your best bet is to pick a highchair made of wood because it significantly reduces the likelihood of exposure to phthalates and BPA which are found in many plastic varieties.

  1. Tableware

When it comes to feeding your baby, don’t forget to stock up on spoons, forks, plates and bowls. Again, it’s best to avoid items made from plastic and instead invest in tableware made from steel, silicone or wood.

While these items do often have a higher price tag, they are a worthy investment because they will grow with your little one by holding up better to wear and tear and significantly reducing the risk of phthalates and BPAs leaching into what they eat.

  1. Bibs

The mess factor of mealtime with your little one is what’s most fun! When it’s not permanently staining their outfits that is. Bibs help by making clean-up easier and saving those adorable baby clothes from getting ruined.

I always like bibs that are made from silicone because you can hand wash them in the sink instead of adding more laundry to the pile. Some even have a handy pocket at the bottom to help catch spilled finger foods from reaching the floor.

  1. Sippy Cups

As your baby grows, their need and desire for independence becomes greater and greater. Sippy cups allow your baby to become more independent at mealtime and around the house.To pick the perfect sippy cup you want to choose one that won’t leak, is easy for your baby to use on their own, and—you guessed it—is made from nontoxic materials.

There are a bunch of great options out there, but stainless steel sippy cups are my favorite because of their durability and safety.

  1. Food storage jars for homemade baby food

As a mama who wants to make sure your baby’s mealtime essentials are safe and environmentally friendly, making your own baby food is a must! Commercially prepared baby foods often contain undesirable preservatives, synthetic ingredients, arsenic, lead and BPAs (source). You just can’t trust what’s out there.

Making your own baby food is actually really easy, especially if you do it in bulk and freeze what you’re not using right away. Baby food storage jars like these ones are perfect for the job AND safe.

  1. Steaming Basket

And on that note, when it comes to making your own baby food, you really don’t need fancy baby food makers or gadgets. A well-made stainless steel steamer will get the job done perfectly.

With these 8 baby feeding essentials, you’ll know mealtime will be easier and safer, which alleviates the worry and leaves more room for the fun bonding experiences that turn into memories.

green baby feeding essentials

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