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I was so proud when Edmonton was named the National Earth Hour Capital in 2014. We have some pretty amazing initiatives in our city in waste management and environmental stewardship. Healthy YEG is something very close to my heart, as I would love to see my hometown keep raising the bar for the environment!

Healthy YEG is a collaboration between the Blue Dot Movement, Environmental Law Centre and the University of Alberta Environmental Law Students Association. It is based on the work of the David Suzuki Foundation Blue Dot Movement and Environmental lawyer David Boyd.


This is the message of the Blue Dot Movement, and cities across Canada are adopting this declaration.

The right to a healthy environment includes:

  • breathing clean air, drinking clean water and consuming safe food
  • knowing about pollutants released into the local environment
  • participating in government decision-making that will affect my health and well-being

The goal of Healthy YEG is to get City Council to recognize Edmontonians’ RIGHT to a healthy environment. Healthy YEG now has the support of City Councillors Scott McKeen and Andrew Knack, but they need to see support from Edmontonians before bringing it to council.

This is where you come in. As an EDMONTONIAN, this is what you can do:

Send a letter (template here) to your City Councillor (find your ward here) and Mayor Don Iveson to pledge your support for this movement.

Find your city councillor’s email address below:

Ward 1: Andrew Knack (
Ward 2: Bev Esslinger (
Ward 3: Dave Loken (
Ward 4: Ed Gibbons (
Ward 5: Michael Oshry (
Ward 6: Scott McKeen (
Ward 7: Tony Caterina (
Ward 8: Ben Henderson (
Ward 9: Bryan Anderson (
Ward 10: Michael Walters (
Ward 11: Mike Nickel (
Ward 12: Mohinder Banga (

As a CANADIAN, this is what you can do:

Sign the pledge for the Blue Dot movement here.

Follow Healthy YEG on Twitter, and Facebook to keep up to date on what’s happening.

Will you help create a Healthy YEG?

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