Mabel’s Labels Are a Must for Back to School Success

It’s that time again… when parents with school-aged children scramble to get school supplies! And then suddenly remember – I have to order labels – so that our kids stuff doesn’t all get lost.

I’ve used Mabel’s Labels since my daughter was in preschool, and I’ve been impressed with the quality and range of designs and sizes available. They are pretty much a necessity for ensuring that my daughter’s stuff doesn’t get lost at school – school supplies and lunch containers, shoes, and clothes! They have labels for everything and anything!

Back To School _DSeries 300x250

Stay Organized with Back To School Labels from Mabel’s Labels Today!

I’m very excited to get the new Hello Kitty ones for my daughter this year. I know they are a must for back to school success, so I have already ordered them to make sure they’ll get here in time!

Back To School _HK 300x250

What are your tips for back to school success?


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