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The doorbell rang at 6pm, just as I was getting my 14 month old’s supper ready for her to eat. We already had quite an exhausting day, what with the both of us at the tail-end of bad colds, and her 1 year molars apparently breaking through. So I was not really in the best of moods, to say the least.

“Sorry to bother you,” the young man says. Really? Are you?

I don’t think you are, because you’re not going away.

He proceeded to tell me that our house would be receiving a free newspaper starting next week and wanted to know if we wanted the Edmonton Journal or the National Post. This free trial would last for 3 months. Then he went on to explain that with this free trial, I could pay him $3 a week to deliver the paper, to support his college fund because he wanted to become a carpenter. When I told him we were not interested because we don’t really read newspapers (welcome to the age of technology!), he seemed extremely upset that I would not give him the $39 for the 3 months he was going to deliver a paper that I did not want, and in doing so, I was likely crushing his dreams.

Okay. That’s great. I’m glad this young man has goals. But first of all, he said it was free. $3 a week is not free. It may not be a lot of money, but it’s not free. Second of all, you came to my door to ask me for money. You do not know me. You do not know that I am raising a young child. You do not know my financial situation, or how many charities I donate to, or how many children I sponsor in developing countries. You do not know the hellish day I have had, and you have no right to make me feel guilty for not agreeing to your offer.

I understand that door-to-door people need to collect donations and whatnot. I have nothing against that. But I do have a problem with people making me feel guilty, or pressuring me, or making it seem like I am a horrible person because I am not going to support their particular cause or dream. We all have things we support.

Not all of us can afford to give money to everybody who asks for it.

I do not slam the door in people’s faces because I feel bad about it. I often have¬†given money to people who asked for it in the past. But having a baby means that my priorities have changed. I am not asking anyone for money to raise my baby. So I don’t expect you to judge me or make me feel bad because I’m not contributing to your college fund.

There. Rant ended.

What was your worst door-to-door experience?

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