RAVE: Honouring mothers & mother supporters

Honouring Mothers and Mother Supporters juicygreenmom

With this being my second official Mothers Day, I have been thinking a lot about the other mothers in my life, and the people who have supported me through my motherhood journey thus far. The old saying about taking a village to raise a child has certainly been true for me. I don’t think I would have survived pregnancy and almost 2 years of being a mommy without help!

So I want to thank everyone who has been so vitally important in my having and raising my daughter:

Thanks to those who gave an empathetic ear during my pregnancy, while I was anxious about what was happening, and especially to those who supported me in facing my fears of needles, and even had to physically help me prick my finger 4 times a day. Yes, my needle anxiety is that bad.

Thanks to those who told me I wasn’t crazy when I felt like I had no idea what to do with my baby. Thank you for understanding and helping me accept my daughter’s unique temperament, and giving me ideas and tips for how to deal with it.

Thanks to those moms of other kids my daughter plays with… For sharing conversation, ideas, parenting highs and lows, and for standing in for me when needed, giving my daughter hugs and security when I wasn’t there.

Thanks to those who are far away, who still take time to show us love and support through Skype, email, and phone calls, and who brainstorm with me on the latest issues I’m having.

Thanks to those who supported and encouraged me as I made the decision to stay home for an extra 6 months, then only return to work part-time.

Thanks to the professionals who have given indispensable wisdom and support. My naturopathic doctor: many an anxious time has been calmed through her advice and gentle, supportive spirit.  My massage therapists: for aiding me through pregnancy and preparing for labour, and for the common motherly understanding.

Thanks to my immediate families: My mom & dad for taking care of me, their baby girl, when I was recovering and figuring out what to do with my own brand-new baby girl, and for being wonderfully supportive long-distance grandparents in every possible way. My sister, who used many airmiles to spend lots of long weekends with us during the first year, who sat with me in the hospital as my 3-day old baby screamed and I cried, and who truly appreciates every tiny milestone. My parents-in-law, who have truly been amazing local grandparents, taking on babysitting responsibilities and letting our daughter take over part of their home, providing love, security, and meals, when needed! My sister-in-law, who has been wonderful on outings and excursions, always appreciating those perfect moments, and bringing lots of smiles with her puppies. My brother-in-law, who has sacrificed many of his stuffies and toys, and whose gentle play style my daughter appreciates.

And thanks to my surrogate families, who have taken part in raising my daughter in so many different ways.

I’d like to think that she is a happy healthy little girl because of everyone in her life and her mummy’s life.

So happy mother’s day to all mothers, surrogate mothers, and mother supporters – may our children grow up to be well-rounded, happy and future contributors to a better world.

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