Renovare Shoes: Ándale REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

renovare shoes andale review and giveaway juicygreenmom

I am still loving my Oni shoes from Ándale. They are so comfy and I love that they are made from recycled materials. Ándale also carries Renovare shoes, which are also made from recycled PET bottles. These are naturally grey in colour, and have a felt-like texture resulting from the recycled PET bottles.

Renovare loafers are available for both women and men, the Gea is the women’s style, and the Poseidon is the men’s style.


I love that the inside of the box tells you how many plastic PET bottles were used to make the shoes! And it’s very cool that Renovare gives part of their profits to environmental and social projects. A shoe company after my own heart!

renovare shoes andale review and giveaway box juicygreenmom

Sophie from Ándale sent me a size 8 in the women’s Renovare Gea loafer to try out! I typically wear an 8 to 8.5, and my feet are on the wider side. I found the loafers fit narrower than the Oni shoes did – I could still get them on but they felt really tight across the wide part of my foot. So I handed them over to my friend Tula to try out instead. She has narrower feet and typically wears a size 7.5 or 8. Here’s what she thought of them!

1. How would you rate the comfort level of the Renovare Gea loafers? How is the fit, and do they stretch out?

The Renovare Gea Loafers were quite comfortable. They fit true to size. My shoe size variation is largely dependent on whether I wear socks or not. I wore these loafers without socks and the size 8 fit perfectly. They were comfortable from the first wearing, which is amazing as I am currently sporting a blister from a different pair of new shoes I wore for 1 day. Ouch! Sporting blisters from new shoes is sadly a common occurrence for me. I have a narrow foot and a high arch so usually when I wear new shoes I get blisters while they break in. With these shoes I got no blisters and felt no pressure points through the day(s). Another feature about fit that I liked was the structural integrity of the shoe. I have other loafers that seem to stretch out and feel sloppy/loose the more I wear them. But with the Renovare Gea Loafers it seemed like there was enough give in the material to accommodate the unique features of my foot while maintaining the structure of the shoe.

2. How would you classify these shoes in terms of where you could wear them? Casually running errands? More formal wearing to work?

I wore them to work as I really liked how they were casual but had a professional feel to them. I must admit I did not reach for them to run errands as flip flops are my go to for running errands in the summer. Perhaps in the fall they will become the shoe I reach for (since the cold here in Canada retires my flip flops by necessity).

3. What do you think of the durability of these shoes? How often do you wear them, and how long have you been wearing them?

Since I have primarily worn them for work I cannot really speak to durability. They have a pretty easy go of it in my office job. Overall I found them to handle general wear and tear quite well and they still have that new shoe look (without the “new shoe” feel).

3. Do you find it easy to pair these shoes with different outfits?

The style of this shoe is easy to dress up or down. I have paired it with dress pants, shorts and jeans. I love the way they look with a pair of jeans!

4. Are the shoes easy to keep clean? Do they look dirty easily?

I was impressed that the white of the sole seemed to stay white despite kicking my toes under my desk. After a week of wear they still look like new shoes. After a week of wear I did not even have to wipe them. They remain pristine.

5. Do these shoes differ in quality from non eco-friendly shoes?

I can’t speak to comparability with other eco-friendly brands but I can speak to quality compared to my other shoes (an embarrassing high number of other pairs of shoes). Compared to other shoes I am very happy with their quality. They have not stretched or changed shape, they look new after a week of wear and they fit perfectly from day one.

6. Would you recommend these shoes to others?

I’d definitely buy another pair and recommend them to friends. They are cute, durable, fit well and eco-friendly. I found myself wanting people to ask me about them so I could tout the eco angle on them. It was very cool to be wearing shoes I can brag about beyond their appearance; cute is good but ethically eco friendly is better.


Renovare shoes also makes boots for both men and women – cool, right??

So now the fun part! Sophie and Alberto of Ándale are giving away 1 PAIR OF SHOES OF YOUR CHOICE!! If you’re the lucky winner of this giveaway, you can choose any style of shoe from the Oni or Renovare lines, for either men or women!

Andale Shoes GIVEAWAY

Giveaway open to residents of Canada and USA only. Giveaway ends on October 17 at 11:59PM Mountain Time. Winner will have 48 hours upon notification to contact me with mailing address for prize redemption, at which point an alternate winner will be chosen.)


Get 20% off any footwear order from October 18-20, 2018!

Just use coupon code: JUICY20%


Which Ándale shoes will you choose if you win?


(Disclosure: Ándale Shoes provided me with 1 pair of Renovare Gea loafers to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.)

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  1. I love the Renovare Hera Boots but I think this contest is for shoes only so I would chose the Renovare Gea Loafer

  2. I honestly love the ones you got. Perfect for a casual office too. I also love the ONI Zinacantan Sneaker in Grey for Women

  3. I would be choosing for my mom since they don’t carry my size (I have big feet). She needs a good pair of boots, so I would get her the Renovare Hera Boots.

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