REVIEW: First Element Natural Products

First Element lip balm
REVIEW: First Element Natural Products

Some of you may have known me when I was an Eco-Advisor for a company called Only Green several years ago. I was so disappointed when it closed its doors because it meant that I would have to start researching new products to use for our family. I’m very excited to announce that someone who was in charge of manufacturing many of Only Green’s products has just launched a new company: First Element!

So kickstart some of those green new year’s resolutions by trying out First Element. Check the First Element website for products andĀ contact me to placeĀ an order at a discount!

The products I HAD to try right away were:

Child Care – Unscented Bath & Shower Gel

I used the OnlyGreen version of this with my daughter since she was an infant. I’m happy to report that this one delivers just as well as its predecessor – super gentle and cleansing, and foams nicely in the bath.

Coconut Lip Balm

This lip balm is amazing! I love how easily it glides on – you know how some lip balms are hard to get on, and you need to put in some effort to make it go on your lips? This lip balm makes application effortless, even on a squirmy toddler (by the way, she loves this lip balm too!).

All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

The past OnlyGreen version of this was my most requested product. This version is just as good! It cuts through caked on food stains in your kitchen like nobody’s business. (And let’s be honest here, I usually have several days-old stains on the stovetop that I’m spraying this on!)

Laundry Wash Concentrate

I love that this laundry wash is super-concentrated so you only need to put in 8ml per load! Super efficient! (Note: If you’re concerned about killing germs in your laundry, all you have to do is put a drop or 2 of essential oils like tea tree and/or lemon into your bottle. Shake it up every time you use it, and you’re good to go.)


What First Element product do you want to try?

(Disclosure: When you buy First Element products through me, I do make a profit. This profit helps to support juicy green mom. Your support is much appreciated!)

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