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REVIEW_ Green Virgin Products Deodorant Stone juicygreenmom

Natural deodorant is one of the tougher things to switch when you’re going green, because it’s so different for every person. And they don’t work the same way conventional deodorants and anti-perspirants do. Green Virgin Products Deodorant Stone is made with mineral salts which sit on the surface of your skin to prevent the bacteria from growing and making you stink. A friend of mine was having issues with her conventional deodorant so I gave her the Green Virgin Products Deodorant Stone to try out. Here’s what she thought.

How is the ease of application?

I find the application easy enough as long as you’re in a bathroom with tap access. An on-the-go deodorant swipe in the soccer locker room or on a hot sweaty day is a little less possible as you need water. I do like the way the application feels. It is smooth and the rock glides easily as long as it is wet enough.

Did you find that it worked as a deodorant – i.e. did you have less body odor?

Yes, definitely, I was not worried about my body odor on days where I wore this. I even had a few friends do the sniff test, and I passed with flying colours.

How did it feel on your skin throughout the day? (did it feel sticky, wet, thick, heavy, etc)

Honestly, I didn’t even notice I was wearing it. It felt light. No stains on the shirt and clear!

What would you change about it?

Probably my biggest complaint is the scent free aspect of it. I’m a fairly active lady and occasional don’t get a chance to shower immediately after working out (because I go for beers with my soccer mates, or sneak in a quick work out at lunch). Scented deodorant always gave me a fake sense of taking a quick shower. I realize I’m probably only fooling myself, but the nice smelling deodorants give me a false sense of security that I don’t smell.

Would you recommend it to others?

Yes, I would. I was having trouble with my skin. I was reacting to some product I was using and thus thought I’d try this green product as recommended by Judith. It definitely helped calm my skin and I felt reassured knowing that it was all natural. I’ve used it for two months straight (with the exception of after a midday workout) and it doesn’t looked like it’s been touched – I imagine it will last a long time. Very cost effective.

So! I’m excited to see that the Green Virgin Products deodorant stone was a win for my friend, and even more happy that it was effective for someone used to conventional deodorants!

Would you try a deodorant stone?

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  1. I have not found deodorant stones very effective in the past but that was awhile ago so maybe it’s time to give them another try. I currently use natural arrowroot or baking soda based solid deodorants.

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