Rocky Mountain Soap Company Favourites

rocky mountain soap company sugar scrubs in store

As I was trying out different brands of toxin free bath and body products, I came across the Rocky Mountain Soap Company, which has retail locations in West Edmonton Mall and Southgate Centre in Edmonton! All the products are made in Canmore, Alberta. Here are some of my Rocky Mountain Soap Company Favourites.

Organic Body Butters

All the Body Butters come in a deodorant stick looking package, and glide on pretty easily. They do a great job of moisturizing all over, and they are great for dry winters in Alberta.

The BABY Butter I find to be the softest of the butters I’ve tried – the easiest to glide onto the skin.

baby body butter

The DRY SKIN Butter is what I’ve been using on my hands at night to try to combat my eczema. It hasn’t eliminated it, but it has made it more manageable. You can get this butter in a set with their Pumpkin Soap which is their best soap for eczema-prone skin.dry skin butter

The seasonal Vanilla Candy Cane scent is so yummy smelling. Even though it’s seasonal, I feel I could use it all year round, and am very tempted to eat it. It’s available around Christmas.Vanilla_Candy_Cane_Body_Butter

Lip Butters

I’ve only tried the Vanilla Candy Cane flavour because it came in a set, but so far I am loving it. It glides on very smoothly and feels great on my lips.

Handmade Soaps

I’m using the Pumpkin Soap right now because of my eczema and I really like it. It is super gentle and washes off well, I never feel like there’s a residue left on my skin.RM-Soap-Pumpkin

What’s your favourite Rocky Mountain Soap Company product?

(Disclosure: No compensation was received for this post. All opinions expressed are purely my own.)

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  1. Ummm – I think you better take a second look at the soap ingredients for Rocky Mountain Soap Company. Their soap still contains Cottonseed oil and canola oil – both known to be gmo products. And I am still not sure about the titanium dioxide thing either even though they recently took it off their label.

    • Hi LT, thanks for your comment. It’s true that Rocky Mountain Soap Company soaps have cottonseed oil and canola oil that may be GMO. When it comes to bar soaps, I think it is a matter of weighing what oils you consider to be the lesser evils, and I don’t think I have made a firm decision yet on this topic. Is it worse to have have possibly GMO cottonseed oil and canola oil, or is it worse to have palm oil with all the repercussions of tropical deforestation? Tough decision in my books.
      When you refer to “the titanium dioxide thing”, I assume you are talking about the more recent controversy surrounding titanium dioxide as a possible carcinogen. Many natural and organic sunscreens contained titanium dioxide as a main ingredient for sun protection, but since the debate started, I’m happy to see that many companies opted to take it out of their products. RMSC sunscreens now only contain zinc oxide.

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